A big difference between sad people vs. happy people….

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  • Suenami


  • Julie Gaglione

    My dad’s wife is a negative evidence collector…I really should hate her, but instead I feel so bad for her…she is missing out on everything good in life focusing on all that she sees as bad…not gonna fall in that trap and not going to hate her either!

    • notsalmon

      Good for you, Julie! Don’t get sucked into other people’s negativity.

  • Pat Cannon

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I really needed to come across this website today!

  • cindy

    this is so true and we have to train our minds to be positive collectors

  • Paula

    I was trained from a very young age to focus on negative things. My mother only pointed out what we did wrong, or not the way she wanted, or what we could have done better. It was her belief that to provide even the smallest positive comment, encouragement, etc. would lead to an enormously inflated ego. I am fast approaching 50, and am working so hard to turn this negative-focused thinking around to positive-focused thinking. Of course, it doesn’t come quickly or easily and I find myself inclined to beat myself up for not getting it quicker, which doesn’t help. I will just keep plugging away at the positive reminders…

    • notsalmon

      Paula, Keep plugging away until you bury the negative with tons of positive.

  • Michelle Neelin

    I just found you via a hash tag search on Facebook. Love your content! I just shared this graphic.

  • Jill Dowding-Walker

    Had a conversation with my sister recently about our philosophies on life. Hers: life is crap and then you die. Mine: Happy, happy, happy, and then you go to heaven. (And I am the one learning to overcome depression?)

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