A Message to Girls Who Bully Girls

I’m on a mission to help grow the happiest, kindest, most confident kids – and have already started creating an anti-bullying and anti-cyberbullying campaign to go up in school buses and school hallways this month. You can see my range of posters by clicking this line now!

A few days ago I received an email from a concerned mom. She writes:

“Our daughter is in 7th grade at XXX JR High. She has recently been a victim of the light end of some bullying. But the worst part is what she comes home and tells us about. The latest, she says girls are taking pics of overweight girls eating their lunches and posting “fat girl pics” on their Instagram pages. How horrifying. So sad. They need to be stopped, but it’s a small town and all in ‘who you know.'”

Wow. Awful, huh?

I’m also horrified by this new trend – and eager to create a range of new posters to combat against these “mean girls.” Here’s my first – which says:

“Yo girls! Calling someone fat doesn’t make you any prettier. Actually, it kinda makes you an ugly person.”

Yes, it’s a strong message. But I think we need strong messages to get through to these “mean girls”! I’m not only going to be supplying this poster for schools – but also as stickers to put on notebooks and lockers.You can find out more about these stickers by CLICKING HERE NOW – and you’ll be whisked to my shop!

If you have a bullying or cyber-bullying story you’d like to share, please contact me on my contact page here on my site. And if you’re a teacher or school administrator who wants to find out more about getting my posters and curriculum for your school, also reach out to me on my site’s contact page!

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