Kindness Rockstar Guest Blogger: Nancy Alder

Kindness Rockstar Guest Blogger: Nancy Alder

Yesterday while at the grocery I saw a magazine, a perfect (in my mind) candidate for yoga articles by moi.  I wrote to the “correspond with us” email and also to the fitness editor.  I carefully described how much I like their magazine and for what reasons.  I wrote about how I AM the target audience and how I teach their target audience.  I described how how my yoga articles would be a perfect fit with their current content.  I wrote with graciousness and praise.  I wrote with politeness and proper grammar.  Then I hit “send.”

Sorry, we only use writers who have been published in major print magazines.

I suppose I should not have been surprised to get the response I did, but I was gobsmacked.  I was not taken aback that they were not interested, but that the response was so incredibly rude.  I felt in a few words that this editor had been a bully and tried to make me feel like that nerdy, stupid and lame kid on the playground.  Not a note of kindness, not an acknowledgement of what I had written to them and not a hint of gratitude for reaching out with my suggestions. NADA.  NOTHING. ZILCH. Except for that one sentence which is above this paragraph.

In truth, this editor I suppose deserves some praise for even replying to me.  Most magazines and sites just simply ignore the emails or submissions many of us send them.  What they fail to see is that it has taken us both time and heart to create the emails and the words.  What they neglect to acknowledge is that manners and kindness are the way to bigger and better things.

To this rude editor I wanted to write:  ”Who do you think you are? Anna Winotour?  And even then she has more manners than that reply.  Even if I never write for a major print magazine I will smile and hold my head high because I know that I have more manners and integrity than you every will dream of having.”  Instead I said, “Thank you for replying to my email.  I wish you the best at blah blah magazine.”

I countered the big-shot reply with a polite and gracious one.  I punched the bully with kindness.

I was raised with manners and by parents who have always told me I can be whatever I wish to be.  I am teaching the elves the same things.  I feel sorry for the editor who clearly was not given the same good lessons.

I will never reveal what magazine this email was written to for that would be horribly impolite and in truth would be stooping to their level.

Instead I chose kindness and I feel stronger because of it.  I chose the path to continue where I am going, because you can read it here first:  you knew me before I was published on glossy pages.  Oh yea baby, it’s coming and it’s already in the works.  And to that magazine editor when they reconnect in the coming months as I know they will, I will say, “Thank you so much for reaching out, but as of now my schedule is too full and my writing too in demand for me to add more assignments.  I am so honored you contacted me.  Good luck with blah blah magazine.”

I chose metta.  It wil be the magic carpet that flies me to where I am, over the heads of those that chose the other path. Kind People are my Kinda People.  They make me stronger.

Written and shared with love by Nancy Alder. For more about Nancy visit her site by clicking here now! You can also find Nancy on Facebook by clicking here. Or on Twitter here: @flyingyogini


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