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wuss cafepress logo- medI want you to dream bigger-er-er – so you can lead your happiest-est life! If you have a book or business you’re passionate about pursuing, read on!

Oh – and the following opportunity is time sensitive!

It will end Monday, March 4th at 3pm EST. I wanted to state this up front – so you don’t miss out!


As many of you know, I’m both good friends and happy colleagues with Marie Forleo.  Marie HAS officially launched her online-business-transformational-program – otherwise known as “B-school -an 8 week training to empower you to magnetize your online presence for FAR more sales, MUCH more impact and OVERALL GREATER life fulfillment!

I wanted to highlight two important things about B-School that make it different than anything else out there.

Marie’s curriculum is incredibly comprehensive, but in addition to that…

B-School has something that that is essential for any thriving business owner… a hugely supportive community.

B-School comes with a worldwide network of entrepreneurs who are committed to growing themselves and their businesses for all the right reasons. If you’ve ever felt alone in your pursuit for awesomeness, the B-School community will change your life.

The other thing is that all members of B-School get LIFETIME ACCESS to the program.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re feeling like you’re not “ready” yet or if you’re traveling – you should really get in on this now.

The next 12 months is going to pass either way.  You’ll either be waaay further in terms of your growth and progress, or you won’t.

AND here’s an extra bonus I will give you for signing up for B-School.. a fantastic FREEBIE BONUS coming your way when you sign up for B-School via my fancy-shmancy affiliate links (like this one here) which lead to B-School enrollment!

I personally loooove, lurrrvee, luffffff Marie’s B-School – and the feeling of respect between us is highly mutual. Marie is a huge believer in my talents as a creative consultant and packaging expert for books and/or businesses. So much so, Marie has enthusiastically recommended my book/business brand-storming program (aka my PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM).

To share a quote from Marie…

“Karen Salmansohn is a creative force of nature. I love her packaging insights and relentless commitment to helping people live happy and successful lives. I simply adore her.” – Marie Forleo

Plus, not only does Marie strongly recommend my packaging skills – Marie is also a huge believer in the importance of making sure your packaging ( for whatever business or book you’re creating) is totally breakthrough – BOTH outside of the box AND straight-into-people’s hearts-and-minds!

Indeed, Marie has even shared that one of her “dirty little secrets” for making big-time money online is making sure her packaging is irresistible. She gives a specific example from her own life – by explaining the behind the scenes story of the title she gave her book, Make Every Man Want You: how to be so irresistible you’ll barely keep from dating yourself! Marie calls her book title a “trojan horse” because it’s so gosh-damn-sexy on the outside of the book’s cover – but inside her book is highly spiritual – and even offers overall-life-boosting tools.

“Having a good title is everything,” Marie Forleo reminds! Marie herself has even wondered aloud if her book would have been as successful without such an attention-getting title.

I’ve also witnessed in my own business life the power of attention-getting website copy and book titles. For example, there’s my feisty titled best selling books HOW TO BE HAPPY DAMMIT ( which became Urban Outfitter’s #1 best selling book for 2 years in a row – and was featured in an Eminem video!) as well as my best selling PRINCE HARMING SYNDROME (enthusiastically recommended on Oprah’s site). Plus, one of my past clients Gabrielle Bernstein would agree that a change in book titles changed her career destiny in a big way. For years Gabby couldn’t sell a book she’d written with the title “Falling In Love With Your Future.” I came up with a more attention-getting and fun title (as well as the idea) for her first-finally-published book “Add More Ing To Your Life.” Yep, after years at failing to sell a book – I helped Gabby to package the book proposal which ultimately snagged her very first book deal – a book deal which she has referred to as both a miracle and turning point in her career.

REMEMBER: It’s not just what you know – it’s how you package it!

This is why it’s helpful to PILLAGE AND CONQUER your packaging with me after your 8-weeks in B-School – as “creativity insurance” – to make sure your packaging is STELLAR – which is why I’ve created this special 30-minute one-on-one FREEBIE B-SCHOOL PACKAGING TUNE UP SESSION – only available to those who enroll via my affiliate link in this blog post(like this one here) (or the ones in the newsletter I sent out) which lead you to B-School enrollment!

Basically….forgettable titles or forgettable website copy or forgettable website graphics or forgettable packaging ALL create a forgettable brand and/or a forgettable book!

Right now, my popular PILLAGE AND PACKAGE PROGRAM is presently priced at $599 – and includes a PILLAGE AND CONQUER WORKSHOP WORKSHEET. After you fill out the worksheet, I spend between 1 to 2 hours learning lots about you – and brainstorming empowering ideas tailored specifically for your mission, passion and strengths – and then I spend 1 hour of one-on-one time pillaging and conquering your book or business on the phone with you.

Anyhoo… back to my FREEBIE B-SCHOOL BONUS…

Last year many B-School graduates reached out to hire me for my PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM right after they graduated from B-School – to make sure their packaging was at its highest level – before they inputted all they learned in B-school.

Indeed, I had so many B-School graduates reaching out to me – this year I thought I’d offer a special 30-minute one-on-one FREEBIE B-SCHOOL PACKAGING TUNE UP SESSION – developed only for B-School graduates – and only available when you enroll for B-School via my affiliate links on this blog post here (like this one here) (or the ones via my newsletter I sent out)! (Note: This bonus is valued at $250.00.)

Yes – simply sign up for Marie’s awesome B-School training program via these affiliate links here in this blog post (like this one) (or via my newsletter I sent out)!  And remember: This bonus offer ONLY applies to people who have NOT yet enrolled in B-School yet – and enroll via my affiliate links in this blog post or newsletter!

After you graduate from Marie’s program (it’s 8 weeks), I will get on the phone with you for a freebie one-on-one 30 minute B-SCHOOL BRANDING TUNE UP SESSION – and review your title, headlines, bio, website copy, logo, graphics, website, mission, priorities, social media strategy – or anything you want to share with me which you have developed thanks to B-School.

I love and fully recommend Marie’s B-School! It’s is a wildly powerful system for building an online business from total scratch to total success! However I absolutely also know that you need to make sure you have the highest quality packaging to take your business or book to the highest possible success!

Marie herself has raved about my talents as a creative consultant. And my creative skillsets have empowered me to build a brand with over 1 million books sold – and a strong fanbase (aka: I have about 90,000 fans just on Facebook alone!)

As mentioned up front, B-School enrollment ends March 4th – so this is something you have to jump on right away.

Again, I’m only offering this special 30 minute one-on-one FREEBIE B-SCHOOL BRANDING TUNE UP SESSION to graduates of B-school who sign up via the affiliate links in this blog post (like this one here) (or within the newsletter I sent out) which lead you to B-School enrollment.

Oh – and although I created this FREEBIE BONUS for my beloved Notsalmon Community, if you know a friend that might be interested, feel free to forward them this blog!


P.S. Even if you don’t plan to do B-School I still recommend that you explore my PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM for your book or business. I’d love to empower you to make your dreams come true!

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