Take A Stand Against Bullying by Nolan Barry, age 12

This is a guest blog by 7th grader, Nolan Barry.  He wrote this as a school assignment on the topic, “I have a dream…”  

10 Positive Lessons Negative People Have Taught MeHave you ever seen bullying in the hall?

Did you do something about it?

I have a dream that one day kids will stand up to bullying.  From 3rd to 4th grade, I was bullied right in front of the class, and no one said a thing to any teachers.

But then one day someone said something to the bully.  They said, “Why are you always so mean to Nolan?”

Today that bully is now my best friend.

Did you know that over 3.2 million kids are bullied each year?  That number can be reduced if you stand up to bullying.  Kids lives are ruined because of bullying because approximately 16,000 teens skip school every day due to bullying.

I strongly believe that bullying is wrong and something needs to be changed.  Bullying is bad for kids’ self-esteem.  Bullies make kids feel bad about themselves.

The main reason that bullies bully is that they are trying to blow off steam.  That is not an okay way to take out your anger and bullies need to find a better, more productive way to blow off steam.

Bullying gives kids a lot of stress that kids don’t need on their plates.  Stress may be good because it will keep the kid going but too much stress can be bad.  Children should not need stress to stay motivated; other things like getting good grades and their parents’ respect should motivate them.

Bullying could make kids hate the bodies they are stuck in.  It could lead them to do things like suicide or cut themselves.  It is a terrible thing that kids hate themselves. If you are responsible for someone committing suicide you could go to jail.

So please, next time you see someone being bullied stand up and say something.  If you were being bullied, you wouldn’t want people to just stand by and watch what was happening.

Would you?

Written and shared with love by Nolan Barry, age 12


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