Being awesome is the best revenge

salmansohn - awesomeBeing awesome is the best revenge is a core philosophy from my best selling e-book PRINCE HARMING SYNDROME! This book offers many tools to motivate you to view the pain in your past relationships as your “assignment” – with lessons to empower you to grow into your most awesome self – and help you to find a far better relationship! I will help you turn “crisis pain” into “crisis fuel” – letting go of resentment – and getting you moving forward and upward! PRINCE HARMING SYNDROME is available on my site – as a convenient e-book – which you can download ASAP onto your computer or iPad or Kindle – or anywhere you can read a PDF book! PRINCE HARMING SYNDROME is an recommended book – and – yes it also applies to PRINCESS HARMINGS. Come check out more info and excerpts- just click here!

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