Good people make mistakes.

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Good people make mistakes. That doesn’t mean they have to pay for them the rest of their life.

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  • Chantelle

    Many years ago I became involved with drugs in a way that I could see no light. Making the hardest decision of my life, I chose to place my 3 children in the care of another family where they could receive the care & love every child deserves. It’s almost been ten years & I have ached every day since. Although I got off drugs many years ago, I have paid a heavy price inside wrestling with the choices I made that led me to that great sacrifice. Reading this today really touched my heart in a deep way. I should read it every day! Thank you <3

    • Linda Davis

      God bless you.Don’t put yourself down.God does’nt

  • Linda Davis

    We have all fallen short of Gods glory.

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Re-train your brain to naturally crave healthy food. Check out the DO IT Program.

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