How to Live To Over 100 (and Feel 40)

How to Live To Over 100 (and Feel 30)Want to live to over 100 – and feel energetic and clear in the mind? You might want to fuel up with some “plant power.”

A recent Harvard study has revealed that people who eat a higher amount of plant-derived protein have a lower rate of mortality. In fact, many people who live to over 100 are folks who prefer eating plants to meat!

(Note: This study was the largest of its kind and involved over 131,000 participants who were assessed over a period of 32 years.)

The results showed that people who were big-time meat-eaters tended to experience an earlier age for death.

In contrast, people who preferred to get their protein from plants (NOT meat) – tended to experience a much later age for death.

So if right now you’re depending upon meat for your protein, well… you might want to rethink your diet!

In fact, lately there have been a few studies which support that people tend to live far longer if they swapped out their animal protein (especially processed red meat) in trade for plant protein.

Plus, eating plants instead of meat has been shown to be specifically beneficial in staving off cardiovascular disease.

Getting greener is the key to living longer.  

QUOTE eating healthfully respect do itHappily there are a wide range of powerful plant proteins to choose from. Check out some of my yummy plant protein suggestions below:

Some of my personal favorites: chia, hemp, sunflower, flax and pumpkin seeds.  Each is packed with protein and makes an easy addition to any smoothie or salad bowl.

Some great protein-rich snacks-on-the-go: brazil nuts, walnuts and cashews.

Some great tummy-filling plants (which are also great for heart-health): dark leafy greens, avocado and grains such as millet and quinoa.

An amazing super-protein-rich superfood: Spirulina! It’s a blue-green algae that contains all the essential amino acids – and can be added directly to juice or water.

Of course, it’s not enough to just simply gobble down more greens. You also have to make sure you eliminate other risk factors. For example, it’s essential you don’t smoke and don’t overdo alcohol intake. It’s also equally important to stay physically fit and active – and avoid eating too much processed foods with too many chemicals and preservatives.

Something funny I tell my son (Ari) about the dangers of processed foods: The longer a food can stay “eatable” – the more it contributes to you living shorter. The shorter a food can stay “eatable” – the more it contributes to you living longer.  (Eating fresh food helps your body stay fresher longer!)

One less obvious longevity secret: Stay social! 

quote be with someone good mental healthAccording to a range of studies, social people live longer.  Connection and interaction within communities has been researched to be crucial to both emotional and physical health. Plus, people who undergo operations and have a loving partner to support them afterwards (or other close loved ones), have been researched to heal more quickly and more longterm effectively. Also, engaging in regular warm conversations has been researched to be beneficial in keeping our brains engaged and helps us to stay present and switched on. There’s also been a lot of research around happiness increasing longevity. Basically, people who have something to do which makes them feel like they have a purpose on this planet tend to stick around the planet longer. This “purpose” can been close relationships with others – taking care of animals (or even plants) or doing an activity which gives life extra meaning.


Eat clean and green wherever possible. Make sure you have plant protein with every meal. Aim to reduce meat and processed foods from your diet. Keep moving, keep mingling – and remember to fill up on positivity as well as protein. Happy humans live (and laugh) longer!

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Written by Karen Salmansohn (Founder)

Hi I’m Karen Salmansohn, founder of NotSalmon. My mission is to offer you easy-to-understand insights and tools to empower you to bloom into your happiest, highest potential self. I use playful analogies, feisty humor, and stylish graphics to distill big ideas – going as far back as ancient wisdom from Aristotle, Buddhism and Darwin to the latest research studies from Cognitive Therapy, Neuro Linquistic Programming, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Quantum Physics, Nutritional Studies – and then some.