How To End 2016 Strong and Happy!

quote-last-months-2016It’s almost the end of the year – and I want to help make sure that 2016 is one of your best years ever!

Here’s your 2nd chance at accomplishing everything on your New Years Resolutions List!

After all, it’s not how you start something, it’s how you finish. This applies to all things, big and small.

How you started your life doesn’t matter – if you finish strong.

How you started the year doesn’t matter, if you finish strong!

With this in mind, here are 5 ways I can empower you to finish strong in 2016!

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  3. Heal from a break up and find a happy, safe-feeling relationship! It’s never too late to find the love of your life. I’m a big believer that every break up is a chance to trade up – to find someone who “gets you” – and values keeping you! But you have to heal from your ex-love in order to find your next-love!  I can empower you to gain the insights and courage to trust love one more time! Click here!
  4. Stop emotional eating! I’m a recovered stress eater. Thankfully, I did a lot of research on emotional eating and developed these psychological tools – which changed my life! I lost 20 pounds in 3 months – and I’ve kept the weight off for 4 years and counting! These tools are research-based – and include Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Dissonance Strategies. But don’t let those big worded names scare you! These tools are both easy and fun to do – which is why they work so well! Click here! 

Written by Karen Salmansohn (Founder)

Hi I’m Karen Salmansohn, founder of NotSalmon. My mission is to offer you easy-to-understand insights and tools to empower you to bloom into your happiest, highest potential self. I use playful analogies, feisty humor, and stylish graphics to distill big ideas – going as far back as ancient wisdom from Aristotle, Buddhism and Darwin to the latest research studies from Cognitive Therapy, Neuro Linquistic Programming, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Quantum Physics, Nutritional Studies – and then some.