how to recover from betrayal

How To Recover From Betrayal (Not just love betrayal, but betrayal of all kinds.)

I endured a huge betrayal from an unlikely place – a younger woman whom I was close friends with and mentored for many years. When we first met, she was trying to write and sell a book – to no avail. Eventually,  I gave her an idea for a book – then helped her to write the proposal – asking for no upfront money – just a small 10% back end commission – should the book sell.    She enthusiastically agreed – thanking me profusely for not charging her upfront for my time. She had a lawyer draw up papers – which we each signed.

To my shock, soon after [...]

    finding a partner later in life

    28 Benefits To Finding A Partner Later In Life

    You’ve had the breakups that led to breakdowns that led to the breakthrough.
    You’ve sowed your wild oats — and now think, “Sow what?” All those tempting choices aren’t really so tempting.
    You’re healthier and more together — meaning the relationship now has at least a 50 percent chance of being healthier and staying together.
    You now wisely know the “ability to compromise” is very, very sexy.
    You no longer confuse conflict for passion — and recognize that bumper sticker you’ve read on cars is oh so true: “It’s better to have loved and lost…than to live with a wacko for the rest of [...]


      How To Recognize And Stop Self Sabotaging Behaviors

      Are you (or someone you love) suspect for self sabotaging behaviors? Read on…

      A famous research study was done on a clique of youngster goldfish, who were raised in a luxuriously long aquarium with a pesky glass wall smack down its middle. Every time these goldfish tried to swim to the far side of the aquarium – ouch — they’d hit their little fish noses on the glass wall’s hard surface.  Eventually the goldfish became resigned to their limited swimming options, and stayed swooshing around in the mere half-sized portion of the aquarium which they now recognized as home.

      After a few [...]


        How May I Serve the World?

        (Note: This is a guest blog by the inspiring Evan Cooper)

         “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is what difference we have made in the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

        ~Nelson Mandela

        In recent weeks, I have become consumed with the concept of SEVA, which is simply the yogic term for Selfless Service.

        The question: How May I Serve the World? has recently become central to my thinking. I’d like to think I’ve always been a generous person, but the [...]


          How to rid your life of excess baggage!

          (Note: This is a guest blog by the inspiring Lauren Jawno )

          I love to travel. This year alone has taken me to South Africa, England, Halifax, Ottawa and California 5 times with two more trips pending, plus a 4-city tour of British Columbia still to come, and then back home again to South Africa for the holidays.

          As I’m gearing up for my 6th trip to California and considering what I will need to pack, I’m reminded of how liberating it felt when I traveled to England this past summer with just a carry-on bag!

          I felt light and free, with [...]


            Held Hostage By Fear, Regret and Resentment?

            I’ve read how people can fall in love with those that keep them hostage.

            So it is for the emotions which keep you hostage on a daily basis: fear, regret, and resentment.

            They all keep you captive to a smaller life – safely leashed to a life of less.

            Fear, regret and resentment are not only hostage-takers – they’re brain-washers —  whispering how this is the one and only version of life which you get  – yet providing you a tiny window for which to see the light of a larger, happiness shining within reach.

            The thing is, the leash you believe binds you to these hostage-takers is only imagined.

            But that window [...]


              The 5 Stages of Grief – None of Them Chocolate!

              I learned a valuable happiness lesson thanks to a near-death experience on a moped in Mykonos.  This collision of inspiration happened about 20 years ago, on vacation with my two good friends, Robyn and Art. We’d each rented mopeds to travel to a distant beach.  Robyn and Art were nervous about their moped skills. I was not.

              Back in New York, where I lived (and happily still do live – thanks to a miracle of sorts!) I was an avid cyclist. As soon as I slipped my toosh onto that moped seat, I felt just as home traveling the winding hills of Greece, as I did on my Trek [...]

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