Stop Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

Stop Self-Sabotaging BehaviorsAre you self sabotaging yourself in your love life or career? Do you have self-destructive patterns when it comes to food, shopping, friendships, work? Do feel regularly sad or anxious due to perfectionism, fear, worry or low self esteem? If so, I’d love to help you to stop getting in your own way of happiness – by working with you one-on-one with my Blindspot Spotting Coaching!

When I work with a client doing one-on-one Blindspot Spotting, I have specific coaching techniques, which enable me to quickly spot the blind spots which people have been missing for years – even decades!…


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      How to Prevent Teen Suicide

      poster-bad-daylife-595x1024 Welcome to a Guest Column called “Raisin’ Kids” – written by Denise Barrya blog about raisin’ kids to become adults, not adult children

      A young girl I know tried to commit suicide recently. Thankfully, she didnt succeed, but it made me think about what makes a child want to commit suicide.

      Is it getting bullied? A bad grade? The loss of a friend? Sadly, it could be anything. Anything can trigger despair. Life is filled with triggers. We, as adults, are not immune to them either. Life will never be perfect all the time, for any of us.

      But is there something we can do to help prevent our children from wanting to end their lives?



        Depression is a Dirty Liar

        Depression is a Dirty LiarNote: This is a guest blog by the inspiring Nanea Hoffman, founder of Sweatpants & Coffee.

        According to the National Institute of Medical Health, “Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad. But these feelings are usually short-lived and pass within a couple of days. When you have depression, it interferes with daily life and causes pain for both you and those who care about you. Depression is a common but serious illness.

        Depression is also a dirty liar. Its powers of persuasion rival that of a seasoned infomercial host, except that instead of a Rotato® Potato Peeler or a miracle skin treatment made from the tears of unicorns, what you end up buying are harmful and sometimes fatal thoughts.

        Here are some of the biggest lies my depression has told me:



          Not Happy? Then Do Something Else!

          Not Happy? Then Do Something Else!The following is a guest post by Becky Vollmer, founder of You Are Not Stuck

          I remember the scene well: Strolling on a San Francisco beach with a girlfriend, lamenting the exhausting and never-ending struggle to balance career and family. At one point, I saw a little boy frolicking in the surf, letting out happy squeals as his mom threw him up in the air. I burst into tears.



            What Do You Value Most?

            What do you value mostThis is a guest post by the inspirational Kristine Carlson. Kristine is the author of the bestselling book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

            I’ve been thinking about the beauty of transition. As hard as change can be, it offers a powerful opportunity to ask those big questions that dive into our souls and shape the course of our lives. When we stand at a fork in the road and ask “What Now?,” we open the door for our hearts to recommit to that which makes us most vibrant.


            Let’s consider this inquiry: What do you value most?



              Major Depression: What to Do About It

              Major Depression: What to Do About It

              Welcome to Yazminh’s Corner! Yazminh AB will be guest blogging essays on courage, joy, and the finer points of kicking ass in life.

              Depression and suicide don’t only happen to other people in a galaxy, far, far away. At a local high school, one which my kids formerly attended, and one that was highly rated for its academic curriculum, suicides happened. Last count, we lost eight kids in four years. That’s a lot of overwhelming pain in one prosperous, well-educated, first world community!

              Even though some people may be more prone to depression than others, no one is immune from experiencing some form of depression at least once in his/her lifetime. And if one has been in a deep, dark state without a line of sight towards hope for a long enough time, the thought of suicide can sprout and take over the landscape. Blink, and it can happen.

              HOWEVER, in that micro-suspended moment, miracles can happen, too.


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