afraid to fall in love

Afraid to Fall In Love? Here Are Some Love Tools To Help You Find & Keep Happy, Safe-Feeling Love!

Afraid to fall in love?

You’re not alone!

Remember: A break up is not meant to teach you: “I’ll never fall in love again.”

It’s meant to wake you up and help you to better understand what happy, safe-feeling love is all about – so you can more wisely find love – and keep love!

Here are some love tools from my best selling e-book PRINCE HARMING SYNDROME – an Oprah recommended e-book which also applies to PRINCESS HARMINGS – and romantic love relationships of all kinds!

Every relationship has 2 LIFE PURPOSES:

1.DEN OF PLEASURE (THE PRACTICAL PURPOSE) : It’s exciting to have someone to [...]

    Love yourself more.

    Love yourself more – today and every day! An inspiring reminder from my 3 year old son on the importance of self-love…

    Here’s a true story with an empowering reminder: love yourself more…today and every day!

    Recently I was heading to a restaurant with my 3 year old son Ari and Lindsay (an awesome young girl I mentor).

    On the way there, a few women on the street smiled and waved to Ari.

    We joked with him, “Chicks dig you.”

    Ari’s reply: “I dig myself.”

    Wow. We loved that he said that!

    We all need to dig ourselves more! ( Alas – perhaps this is the power-source of Ari’s chick-magnetism? )

    Are you digging yourself these days?

    We can all use a little “I dig me!” self-love boosting reminder.

    With this [...]

      find a happy relationship

      An Important Warning If You Want to Find a Happy Relationship

      Here’s An Important Warning If You Want to Find a Happy Relationship… Read on…

      Are you always looking around for something better: a better job, a better apartment… a better relationship?

      For example, let’s say you finally found a pretty great love catch. Do you still find yourself tempted to keep going back to that large online dating ocean, in hopes of finding an even bigger, better, more 100% perfect catch?

      If so, your search for the better might be making your life worse.

      And that’s not just my opinion — that’s the opinion of Barry Schwartz, Ph.D., psychology professor at Swarthmore College, and author [...]

        when love hurts

        When love hurts… A Forbidden Topic… by Louisa Bishop

        (Whispering) Forbidden Topic. Proceed with Caution. Shhh…  (A guest blog by Louisa Bishop)

        I used to think that I was cursed.  I had somehow perfected the art of attracting the ‘biggest losers’ when it came to mate selection.  Although I now believe that there are no coincidences, my ‘aha’ moment came after  I was emotionally pummeled for the fifth time.  Finally, I was in enough pain to listen to my inner wisdom which gently informed me that the problem was not out there – with them.  The problem was me.  (Gasp!)  I would show up in each relationship as a happy [...]


          Are You Sabotaging Yourself? by Kristin Barton Cuthriell

          Are you sabotaging yourself?

          If so, it is time to stop! Try treating yourself with kindness and see what happens.

          We often consciously (or unconsciously) sabotage ourselves because we do not think that we deserve to be successful in life. We may have made mistakes in the past that we have been unable (or unwilling) to forgive. We may self-sabotage by habitually selling ourselves short, thinking that our goals and dreams are unreachable. We may discount our own internal resources – and deny our own personal strengths. We may unconsciously sabotage situations and relationships that are really good for us.

          There are many [...]


            If you have (or had) toxic relationships of any kind, read this now!

            Warning! This story includes a naughty word – however -  this word is necessary  – because its shock-value is what catapulted me to change my life. I share this naughty word now with only the most loving intentions – hoping it might be an empowering caffeinated jolt to any sleeping spirits out there!

            About a decade and a half ago I used to joke that for me all dating should be re-named ‘blind-dating” – and instead of saying I was “seeing someone right now” – I should be more honest, and say, “I’m dimly viewing someone.”

            I remember I was once “dimly [...]


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