What it means to be A Light Sender by Diane Clement

NOTE: This is a guest blog from an inspiring Light Sender tribe member – Diane Clement!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”  ~Joy Golliver (or Picasso depending or your internet search).

I am the youngest of six children.  Growing up, I carefully stitched my story into everything I did.  It was a short story, only seven words in fact.

I am a pain in the ass.
The End.
By Diane Clement

I played my character with poise, carefully manoeuvring my way through life.  Playing small, small so that I wouldn’t be too [...]


    Warning: Make Sure You Don’t Become an “Accidental Female Chauvinist”!

    Have you heard about the famous research study done on a clique of young goldfish? They were raised in a luxuriously long aquarium with a pesky glass wall smack down its middle. Every time these goldfish tried to swim to the far side of the aquarium—ouch—they’d hit their little fish noses on the glass wall’s hard surface. Eventually, the goldfish were resigned to their limited swimming options and stayed swooshing around in the half-size aquarium, which they now recognized as home.

    After a few months, the researchers removed the glass wall, allowing the goldfish full reign to swim wherever their little [...]


      One Home, One Heart by Denise Barry

      NOTE: This is a guest blog by the inspiring Denise Barry!

      I want to go home!

      I remember lying in my bed at night, listening to my sister snoring in the bed next to mine, and thinking this.

      I would remind myself that I was home, and that would make me feel worse, in a sad, lonely kind of way.

      If I can’t go home, because I am home, then how do I stop this longing?  This wanting to get away?

      Or get out.  I literally felt stuck inside my body.

      Back then, I didn’t know I had options.  The very first boyfriend I had, I thought I was [...]


        How to visualize happy outcomes

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            Look for the JOY in your JOurneY!


              Be A Warrior. Not A Worrier.

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