Want to draw out the love & happiness in a child? Enter them into the Notsalmon Art Contest!

I want to help to draw out the LOVE and HAPPINESS in a child – so I’m asking kids everywhere to draw what happy friendship means to them.

I want their pictures to illustrate a headline I’ve already written for one of my anti-bullying poster: BE THE FRIEND YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

 (You can see this poster in the anti-bullying poster section on my HAPPY KIDS PAGE!)

If you’re a teacher or a parent, I’d love for you first to encourage your kid(s) to talk with you about what it means to be a good friend. What qualities they love [...]


    Seduction Tips – from Scheherazade!

    Here’s some Seduction Tips – from Scheherazade! Read on…

    Lust, love and like.

    A healthful, happy love relationship serves up three out of three. A healthful, happy love relationship is a passionate best friendship.

    Many women think men only care about the lust angle – finding a hot bod for hot sex. Unfortunately, there are many men who do only care about this. In my book Prince Harming Syndrome, I explain how relationships that are too focused on sex wind up being what my favorite philosopher buddy Aristotle called

    1. “a relationship of pleasure” – where you find a lust-mate or shallow-mate


    2. “a relationship [...]


      You have dealt with so much and done the best you can.

      I have added this poster into my shop as actual wall graphics for your home, office – or as a gift to someone you adore – in 2 different sizes! Click to check ‘em out!


        Do not worry, my sweet one…

        I just added this into my SHOP as an inspiring WALL CLOCK (with the hands beautifully placed in the middle of the heart) – and – as a framed (in a lovely cherry wood) CERAMIC TILE ARTWORK! Each for only $14.99. Click to see!


          A Fun Way To Motivate Yourself (or Someone Else)

          The other morning my two and half year old son was not up for his morning bath!

          “Let’s take a bath!” I said as enthusiastically as I could.

          But my words just didn’t have enough “Wow! Yes! Let’s!” energy to motivate him!

          So – what’s a motivational author mommy to do?

          I thought about the words I was using – and reframed them!

          “Let’s take a bubble bath with lots of bubbles!” I said with a peppiness that got his attention.

          He perked up!

          Then I added: “Let’s go swimming in the tub – with lots of bubbles!”

          Suddenly he’s on board and psyched!

          Now – how can YOU [...]


            Draw Out The Kindness In A Child Art Contest Winners

            Wow. I really love the artwork created by my 2 winners of my DRAW OUT THE KINDNESS IN A CHILD ART CONTEST. 

            So many talented kids – all across the country – and in so many countries! So much beautiful artwork created by kids of all ages! I thank everyone who participated! You are all art stars – and Kindness Rockstars! I’m so blown away – and it was challenging to pick winners – so – I’m going to have the contest again – and this time offer the opportunity [...]


              Loving yourself: The Difference Between Arrogance and Self-Love by Seona Craig

              NOTE: This is a guest blog by the lovely and loving Seona Craig.

              Do you remember being at school, as a child and teenager, and it was considered an insult for someone to say… “You Love yourself” …….?

              I can recall, saying this as an insult to friends and ‘non-friends’ alike and also having it said to me.

              For someone to love themselves was considered to be uncool and arrogant. To love yourself meant “You had tickets on yourself” or you were “up yourself.”

              We attempted to knock down those who thought of themselves highly by making it uncool.

              In our quest for coolness, we [...]

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