Mean people who disguise themselves as nice people bother me a lot.

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NOTE: If are seeking happy, safe-feeling love,  check out the results-proven relationship tools in Prince Harming Syndrome- which merges modern cognitive therapy with the timeless happiness philosophies of Aristotle — all delivered with feisty humor – and my personal story of how I recovered from Prince Harming Syndrome to finally enjoy the happy family life I’d always dreamed about.


    7 Tools To Break Through Limiting Beliefs – In All Areas Of Your Life

    limiting beliefsWant some helpful tools to break through limiting beliefs – so you can live your happiest life? Read on…

    Over a decade ago  I was home sick with stomach troubles. My friend Joelle suggested I order up papayas to heal my belly. So I ordered up papayas from a local Manhattan bodega.

    “Um…. Excuse me,” I told the delivery guy when he arrived at my door, bag in hand. “These aren’t papayas. These are mangoes. I need papayas – for my tummy.…


      A Tool To Help Deal With Losses and Disappointments: Understanding Karma Through A Fun Legos Analogy

      karmaIf you want to be happy, you have to embrace your Karma and Dharma! If you don’t know how, here’s a helpful Legos analogy!

      My 3 ½ year old son Ari has a passion for Legos – even bigger than his passion for pizza. I know this –  because when Ari’s busy with his Legos, not even pizza can pry him away.

      Although Ari loves building Lego structures from boxed sets, he gets an even bigger kick out of taking huge scoopfuls of old Legos (which we keep in plastic buckets) then building the pieces into “One-of-A-Kind Creations.” I call Ari a Master Builder – a term swiped from the most recent Lego movie to describe someone who’s innovative – who thinks outside of the (Lego) box.…


        7 Tips To Find Your Soulmate and Avoid Toxic Love

        find your soulmateWant to find your soulmate? Read on…

        Once upon a time I used to suffer from what I call Prince Harming Syndrome — the tendency to date men who were either Trouble or TroubleD.

        I remember once I was sharing a dark story about a particular Prince Harming with my buddy Scott, when the man at the next table at the café interrupted.

        “Excuse me,” this stranger said. “I hope you two don’t mind, but I must confess I overheard you talking … and well … I’m a psychoanalyst … and I’m worried about you,” he said, staring directly at me.


          Lessons In Kindness From A 5-Year Old by Marni Rivera

          lessons in kindnessHere are some inspiring lessons in kindness… from guest blogger Marni Rivera’s 5 year old son!

          One beautiful morning, I was having breakfast with my 5-year-old son, Finn. I noticed our waitress walking toward us and thought to myself, she needs to smile. She hardly said hello and hurriedly took our drink order.

          We both noticed that her mouth was wired shut. My son asked me why her mouth looked that way, and I told him the few cosmetic reasons why someone would need their mouth wired.…


            20 Ways To Avoid Toxic Friends And Enjoy True Friendships

            toxic friendsConsistently happiness researchers report that being surrounded by loving friends is a top determinant for happiness!

            With this in mind, I’ve gathered together 20 helpful ways to avoid toxic friends and enjoy true friendships!

            Many of these tips are written as quick easy-to-remember friendship quotes, so you can absorb them very easily and highly permanently into your neural pathways!

            Plus I’ve turned them into “tweet-this-now” form, so you can share them with others – including your fave friends – to let them know you appreciate them!


              Everything is going to be okay.

              faith quotes

              If you’re seeking FAITH QUOTES, here’s a good reminder!

              TWEET THIS NOW: Everything is going to be okay. (See the inspiring poster at @notsalmon !)

              I’d love to hear your insights on the comment section below! What’s something which comes to mind and heart when you read faith quotes like this one in this inspiring poster? Share your personal story or a personal happiness tool! I LOVE it when you share – because I love to find out about my community!

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