If you value healthy relationships, think of yourself as being “emotionally health conscious”

healthy relationships

When someone instantly makes your heart beat faster, you might feel as if you’re experiencing “love at first sight.”  However… what you’re really experiencing is “infatuation at first sight.” After all,  in those first throes of love, you’re simply falling for a person’a superficial self – not who they are in their inner core – their soul – their character.

Nowadays, people who are interested in their physical health make sure that they take time to read the ingredients on a package of yummy, tempting food – to see if it might create longterm danger to their health.…


    How to move on from a toxic relationship – and stay moved on!

    How To Move On From A Toxic RelationshipWant to know how to move on from a toxic relationship? You must recognize a relationship serves 2 functions. Find out what these 2 functions are – and how to better ensure you get them. And be sure to read to the end, for a helpful metaphor – which will forever change how you view potential partners! Read on…

    About a decade ago I became involved with a guy who was in such hot pursuit of me I jokingly referred to him as “A Romantrix.”

    Don’t bother googling that term.…


      How To Raise Kids Who Are Resilient People – Able To Bounce Back From Challenges

      resilient peopleWant to raise kids who are resilient people? Read on…

      There are many ways to say “I love you” – without actually uttering those 3 small-but-mighty words. Below are my 6 favorite alternatives – which also double-duty as “Resiliency Tools ” for raising kids who will feel that deep inside themselves they have what it takes to bounce back from life’s assorted (and sordid!) challenges.

      After all, let’s face it. No matter how hard we all try to travel a bump-free path to happiness, life will always present its share of surprise potholes.…


        9 Reminders To Help You Avoid Toxic Partners

        toxic partnersAbout a decade ago, I was enjoying a yummy brunch with my good friend Lisa, when she suddenly blurted something I’ll forever remember.

        “Your ex always reminded me of the U.N.,” Lisa announced.

        “The U.N.?” I repeated – not sure where Lisa was going – although she and I usually finished each other’s sentences (as well as each other’s leftover omelets and fries).

        “You know how the U.N. has all those flags waving outside it? ” said Lisa, “When I think of your ex, I think of lots of red flags waving in the wind!”

        I laughed.…


          Recovering From A Break Up? Throw A Break Up Party!

          break upRecovering From A Break Up? Here is an unconventional tool for letting go of the pain: throw a break up party! Read on…

          The word shiva has two different meanings — in two entirely different cultures — yet the meanings share the same underlying message.

          In Hinduism, Shiva is a deity who represents transformation. Through destruction and restoration, Shiva reminds us that endings are beginnings, and that our world is constantly undergoing a cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

          In Judaism, shiva is the post-funeral ceremony when family and friends gather to share happy memories of the departed.…


            How To Recover From Betrayal (Not just love betrayal, but betrayal of all kinds.)

            how to recover from betrayalI endured a huge betrayal from an unlikely place – a younger woman whom I was close friends with and mentored for many years. When we first met, she was trying to write and sell a book – to no avail. Eventually,  I gave her an idea for a book – then helped her to write the proposal – asking for no upfront money – just a small 10% back end commission – should the book sell.    She enthusiastically agreed – thanking me profusely for not charging her upfront for my time.…


              28 Benefits To Finding A Partner Later In Life

              finding a partner later in life

              1. You’ve had the breakups that led to breakdowns that led to the breakthrough.
              2. You’ve sowed your wild oats — and now think, “Sow what?” All those tempting choices aren’t really so tempting.
              3. You’re healthier and more together — meaning the relationship now has at least a 50 percent chance of being healthier and staying together.
              4. You now wisely know the “ability to compromise” is very, very sexy.
              5. You no longer confuse conflict for passion — and recognize that bumper sticker you’ve read on cars is oh so true: “It’s better to have loved and lost…than to live with a wacko for the rest of your life.” Duh!
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