What Do You tell a Child Who is Being Bullied? (And Tell Yourself Too!)

what do you tell a child who is being bullied

The other weekend our family enjoyed a Disney-a-Thon. We enjoyed The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea and Tangled.

My 3 ½ year old son Ari asked lots of questions during these films. In particular, Ari was very curious and concerned about the evil characters.

Ari’s #1 big question:

Why is that person (or octopus or witch) being sooooo mean – wanting to hurt people?”

Yep. Ari was very intrigued about what makes someone act badly and be just plain ol’ mean spirited.…


    If you’re having trouble moving on, read this…

    salmansohn james patterson

    Remember, you have to move on somehow. You just pick up your head and stare at something beautiful like the sky, or the ocean, and you move the hell on. – James Patterson 

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      Grow yourself beyond who you were when you gave your power away! – Prince Harming Syndrome

      prince harming past pain prisonerGrow yourself beyond who you were when you gave your power away!

      Stop allowing pain from past relationships to keep you stuck in resentment.

      Stop being a prisoner to your past choices.

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        The Truth About Love

        Want to know the truth about love? These 3 posters – read together – make for some interesting insights. Be sure to scroll down to read them all!

        truth about love

        I found and shared this Marriage Box poster on my Pinterest page (click here).

        I thought it really expressed very well the truth about love – so sharing it here too.

        So many people think if it’s love, then everything should flow smoothly – no hiccups.

        But even the best of relationships require putting in effort – making love a daily conscious habit.…


          This is the year I beat my health challenges (oh yeah!)

          karen salmansohn health challenges

          Feel free to print out this poster and hang it up to cheer you onward and upwards!…


            I love the word audacious

            karen salmansohn audacious

            Even just saying it makes me feel peppier! :)


              Right now millions of people are smiling. Be one of them.

              karen salmansohn-SMILING

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