[Glad Scientist] “Sleep” your way to success?

INFUSION EARLY BIRDI’m writing to you from my bedroom – in a feverish state.

But alas, I don’t mean this in a frisky way.

I’m sick in bed with an actual fever.

I’m making the best of the situation. I have on my favorite flannel pajamas (the ones with black and pink panda’s), am watching TV (HGTV House Hunters!), while my family brings me snacks (animal crackers – although Ari grabs out all the lions!).

Many folks believe falling prey to sickness (and/or twisting an ankle) is the universe’s way to get you to slow down and think about your life.

Being the Glad Scientist that I am, that’s what I’m now doing – and I’ve become uber-aware of how I’ve been over-doing.

The truth of the matter: I’m excitedly working on some new projects – and haven’t been getting enough sleep.

These days (and nights) (and 1 am’s!) I not only see my plate has “half full,” I see it as overly full: I’ve got my new webinars (launching now!), new licensing opportunities (stay tuned!), new app (an “instant pep talk”!) and my soon-to-come TEDX seminar in June ( on how “fun is a high performance fuel – the importance of play at work.” )

On a humorous note, one of the interesting factoids I collected for my TEDX seminar is a little something on the dangers of sleep deprivation!

Yes, the universe loves to toss a little irony in our faces – because I was writing about the dangers of sleep deprivation the other night/morning at 1 am – for my TEDX powerpoint – including this ditty from Charles Czeisler, a specialist in sleep deprivation at Harvard Medical School.

“Lack of sleep can induce an impairment equivalent to having alcohol level in the blood,” says Cziesler.

Now, this quote isn’t just some literary metaphor Cziesler is bandying about. This quote is inspired from actual research findings on the blood of sleep deprived people.

“We would never say, ‘This person is a great worker! He’s drunk all the time!’ …yet we continue to celebrate people who sacrifice sleep for work,” jokes Czeisler.

Yep – sleep deprivation is not only bad for the body – but bad for the mind.

Lately a lot of companies are recognizing that “sleeping on the job,” is a good thing! Zappos, Nike, Google and The Huffington Post all have “nap rooms” for employees!

My Lesson/Your Lesson/Czeisler’s Lesson: If you want to be at your best – enjoying your dream career – you gotta make sure you spend enough time dreaming!


    If you could live 10 years of your life in total bliss – with NO pain – but in the end, not remember any of it – would you do it?

    Found at notsalmon.comQuickie Question: If you could live 10 years of your life in total bliss – with NO pain – but in the end, not remember any of it – would you do it?

    According to Aristotle – the answer should be NO.

    My favorite philosopher buddy Aristotle says true happiness comes from gaining insight and growing into your best possible self. Otherwise all you’re having is immediate gratification pleasure – which is fleeting and doesnt grow you as a person.

    In a way the above scenario is a description of someone who does crack or drinks into oblivion. At the time it feels like you’re avoiding pain and seeking bliss – but in longterm you’re NOT really enjoying real life — with life’s inevitable ebbs and flows which give you needed insights and exciting experiences which grow you and let you know more about who you are and what you love and who you truly love!

    Aristotle has a wonderful quote related to this topic:

    “We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts not breaths; in feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart throbs. He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best.”

    Translation: Life has ebbs and flows. There’s no such thing as endless flow. Unfortunately life can sometimes feel like ebb, ebb, ebb, brief-flash-of-flow, more ebb, ebb, ebb. But every ebb always offers the opportunity to think a new thought flavor and feel a new emotion flavor. The more varied the flavors of life you get to taste, the more interesting, layered, educated, self-developed, world-experienced and mightier You will be!

    In keeping with this theme, Aristotle believed the highest form of knowledge is insight – because it’s the only knowledge which leads to growth – and evolving into your highest potential is what leads to true happiness.

    For this reason, Aristotle believed that the reason why so many people are unhappy is that they keep foolishly confusing “pleasure” for “happiness.” “Pleasure” is simply about immediate gratification—of your body/ego. “Happiness” is about seeking longterm growth for yourself as a thriving individual – and is about nourishing your soul/core self.

    Translation: Often it’s our deepest pain which inspires us to grow into our highest self.

    I’d love to hear your insights on the comment section below! What’s something which comes to your mind and heart when you read this story?  Be specific! Share your personal story or a personal happiness tool! I LOVE it when you share – because I love to find out about my community! Plus, it boosts your happiness when you write down your thoughts right away after reading something – because it helps to engrave your positive takeaway into your permanent positive belief system! Plus, many thousands of peeps read these essays – so, what you share could be a helpful inspiration for someone else! Anywhichway, thanks for reading – and adding your loving insights! xo Karen


      Secrets of “happy couples”

      secrets happy couples poster

      You’re never too old to find and keep happily ever after love! I found my Howard later in life – in my 40’s! And I helped my mom find her new boyfriend after my dad passed – when she was in her 70’s! I wrote her profile for a dating site – and helped her to screen out the riffraff! I’d love to share with you all of my NEVER AGAIN tools in my best selling and Oprah.com recommended e-book PRINCE HARMING SYNDROME! Click here now to find out more!


        Important Love Lessons – You Can Learn From A Lion Tamer

        Love Lessons

        Love Lessons as taught by a lion tamer! Read on…

        Lion tamers have some good love lessons to teach. Read on…

        Statistics show about half of first marriages end in divorce—which is high. But guess what? With second marriages, the divorce rate increases – rather than decreases – to a whopping 60 percent.


        Often we have relationship patterns so incredibly ingrained in us that we have tough time letting go of these learned limiting behaviors.

        We very much need the miracle power of new clarity-enhancing insights for these bad love patterns to be dissolved for good. In my Never Again Program, I add lots of insight to injury – giving you a range of relationship tools  – so you can start making new wiser love choices.

        One of my core philosophies for finding happily ever after love: You gotta think like a lion tamer about the pain of past heartbreak.

        Here’s a quickie true lion tamer story to explain what I mean.

        Graham Thomas Chipperfield, a star lion tamer with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, got bitten by Sheba, one of his 500-pound lionesses—when he was merely trying to save Sheba from being hurt by an attacking lion. It took a while before the mauled Chipperfield healed from his injuries. During this time, Chipperfield made the choice to truly try to understand what happened to him from Sheba’s point of view. When Chipperfield mulled over how he got mauled over, he recognized how lions tend to think of the trainer as another lion.

        Ultimately, Chipperfield figured out that when he bounded into the cage to help Sheba—Sheba unfortunately assumed Chipperfield wanted to join in on the fight, too – so Sheba attacked by mistake.

        Did Chipperfield sit around blaming Sheba for her inaccurate thinking? No.

        Did Chipperfield waste his time cussing out Sheba for hurting him—when he was only there to help her? No.

        Instead, Chipperfield took the time to understand what the heck Sheba was thinking – so he could better avoid being bitten ever again! Plus, most importantly, Chipperfield made sure to take the time for this analysis – before he stepped into any lion’s cage ever again.

        The Lion Tamer’s Lesson/Your Lesson: If you want to make sure you don’t get chomped on again, you must take some time out to gain insights into why you got chomped upon!

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          Make Up or Break Up? 4 Empowering Insights to Help You Decide

          KS - Alien Dating 3I have joked that if life exists on other planets, there’s a quick way to assess if the aliens are a more advanced life-form than us. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with their technology.

          We simply need to find out if there is dating on their planet. If they don’t have dating, it is proof they are a far more evolved species.

          Dating can really suck.

          People stay in bad relationships longer than they should because fear of the pain of dating seems scarier than the pain of a bad relationship.

          People prefer to cling to the familiar – even when it’s painful – rather than stretching themselves with the hope of expanding their happiness.

          Before I encourage you to take the leap into the great unknown, I want to encourage you to take a good look at where you’re at right now. And I don’t mean looking at your partner through a magnifying lens. I mean looking at yourself in the mirror.

          If you break up with your partner without really looking at yourself in the mirror, you could be on your way to duplicating your love problems in your future relationships – just like in Groundhog Day—over and over.

          Remember: You are the common denominator in all your relationship problems. Wherever you go, your pesky repeated issues go until you shed a blazing light of insight upon them.

          Here are 4 empowering insights to help you decide if you should break up or make up:

          1. Set aside time to talk with your partner about your childhoods—the good, bad and the dysfunctional. Recognize there’s often a “repetition compulsion” at the root of ongoing conflicts. Openly discuss the psychological belief that you choose your partner because they subconsciously represent the best and worst of your parents. Your subconscious’s goal is to recreate unresolved childhood issues and then hopefully mend them. Explore how you might more lovingly help each other unload emotional baggage for good.

          2. Swap “same-value complaint cards” with your partner – like same-value baseball cards. Start by sharing a tiny, annoyingly irksome complaint about each others’ habits. Afterward, build up to a huge complaint. The reason it’s good to swap? Both of you must empathize with how it feels to be told you’re annoyingly irksome. Plus, you’ll both feel an equal sense of “growth opportunity,” because you will both have an equal amount of issues to work on for the sake of happily-ever-after love.

          3. Is there something you’re hurt about or worried about and you haven’t told your partner yet – and now it’s hurting your love because you expect your partner to be a mind reader? Hate to break it to you, but even mind readers are not mind readers. Speak up! If something is on your mind, share it. One of my favorite quotes is from Emile Zola: “I came into this world to live out loud!” Your love life is only as strong as your open communication.

          4. Are there deal breakers you’re just realizing you have? Are these true deal breakers, like: “He’s a cheater!” “He’s a liar!” “He hits me!” “He’s a gambler!” “He’s a criminal!” “He’s a jobless mooch!” “He doesn’t want to have children and I do!” and “He has an addiction he’s not dealing with.”

          If your partner has a real deal breaker, that is a good reason to leave the relationship. However, be aware that sometimes what you think is a deal breaker could be turned into a “deal bender.” Some examples: “He ignores me and gets really quiet when he’s upset!” “He’s not physically affectionate enough! I wish he’d hold my hand more and cuddle more!” and “He’s too much of a couch potato!” “He doesn’t compliment me enough!” If your issue is a potential “deal bender,” be sure to share your concerns.

          WARNING: If you don’t talk about your fears and needs, you can risk becoming a “negative evidence collector” by continually looking for evidence of your partner being no good, even when there’s no good reason for it. Stop having a silent fight with your partner. Start having an open, warm conversation instead.

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          I’d love to hear your insights on the comment section below! What’s something which comes to your mind and heart when you read this story?  Be specific! Share your personal story or a personal happiness tool! I LOVE it when you share – because I love to find out about my community! Plus, it boosts your happiness when you write down your thoughts right away after reading something – because it helps to engrave your positive takeaway into your permanent positive belief system! Plus, many thousands of peeps read these essays – so, what you share could be a helpful inspiration for someone else! Anywhichway, thanks for reading – and adding your loving insights! xo Karen


            A Dark Hole, Some Creepy Crawlers and Me by Denise Barry

            key hole man 2
            NOTE: This is a guest blog by the inspiring Denise Barry!

            On a beautiful, sunny morning one day last week, minutes after a calming, refreshing meditation, I hit rock bottom.

            I had been questioning things about myself recently: my writing, my motivations, myself as a friend, my authenticity…

            Triggered by nothing more than the realization that I’m not who I’m pretending to be, everything I thought I was shattered into a million pieces, like a porcelain mask struck by a hammer.

            In one violent intake of breath the pieces went crashing to the ground, settling into an ugly heap at my feet.  

            The sound was deafening.  The emptiness it left was unbearable.

            I felt like I was falling into a deep hole – one damp with darkness and smelling of mold and rotting things.  And I just knew there were creepy crawlers all over the place, waiting to feed.  On me.  I knew if I hit bottom, I’d be lunch.

            But I didn’t even try to stop my fall.

            It’s what I used to do all the time when I felt vulnerable.  I’d run away from the pain and loneliness.

            I did this mostly through role playing.  I’d give myself the part of “victim” and without their permission, assign one of the regulars in my life the role of “abuser.” Once the stage was set, the drama began.  No rehearsal was needed – we could act it out in our sleep.

            Victim blames and accuses.  Abuser denies and becomes enraged.  Victim yells and screams.  Abuser attacks.  Victim cries.

            There could be many acts to this play, in fact, it could last a lifetime.

            This time, because I’m tired of running away and hell-bent on finding happiness for me and my family, I decided to sit down with my pain.  Literally.

            I took that pain and locked us in my room.  I made myself comfy on the bed and wrapped a blanket around me.  Not for warmth, but because it made me feel safe-ish.

            Then, I let the pain have at it.

            It washed over me in typhoon-like waves.  Every thought in my head rose to battle it away, while every muscle in my body became a fortress.

            I allowed myself to relax, letting the waves break through my defenses and settle into every cell of my being.  I breathed; in, out, in, out…constantly reminding myself not to forgo that next breath.

            Like the tide, the pain ebbed and flowed.  It traveled throughout my entire body – chest, arms, legs.  Who knew you could feel pain in your chin, for heaven’s sake!

            In between the storm there were moments of calm, where everything flowed and there was nothing but silence.  A nice breath of fresh air.

            Eventually, the pain dissolved completely away.

            Like all good storms, many things got washed to shore.  Without any regrets, I took everything I found.  I had earned them.

            What did I find?  I found  peace, calm, confidence, direction, and best of all, a more authentic me.

            I know now that I can let myself fall.  I can be vulnerable!

            Even though I couldn’t see them, there were loving hands at the bottom of that hole I was in.  They were waiting to catch me.  And to sweep away those creepy crawlers.

            Written and shared with love by Denise Barry.

            Denise is an inspirational writer and the author of the upcoming children’s book, “What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth?” which is due out in the Spring of 2013.  Please visit her website: denisebarry.net to learn more!


              How To Get Out of The Mental Bermuda Triangle by Romeo Salvador II

              Heavenly lightNOTE: This is a guest blog by the inspiring Romeo Salvador II – a winner in my HAPPINESS ROCKSTAR BLOGGER CONTEST!

              I recently came across these powerful words: “You are wonderful.  Worthwhile. Loveable.  Not because others think so.  Self-worth comes from only one place – yourself.”

              (I found them in a little “polka dot” book called Instant Happy, by Karen Salmansohn.)

              I read the page with these words over – then over again. To say that these words interrupted me and met me right where I was, would be an understatement.

              It was almost as if the words literally grabbed me by the shoulders and started shaking me saying, “Dude, snap out of it. Get it together.  You’re better than this.”

              You see, just a few weeks prior I’d been laid off.  I was in the midst of the most identity-challenging time of my life.  I was rapidly forgetting who I was. I was questioning my value, my significance, my worth and most importantly my purpose.

              I was consumed by questions like: “What is my calling?” and “Who am I?” and “How am I going to rebound for my family?”

              I was in a bad place.  It was uncomfortable and very unfamiliar.  It felt as if I was being unwillingly ushered into some sort of mental Bermuda Triangle.

              Have you ever been in a place like that before…?  A place where you are more confident in your inadequacy than you are in your abilities…?

              After reading Karen’s words, I was forced to take a deep, introspective look at myself.  That day, I decided my self-worth was never again going to be framed by circumstance and my identity was no longer going to be defined by other people.

              I wish I could tell you that since that day I’ve figured it all out.  The truth is I haven’t.  Every day is a battle to remind myself that your self-worth comes from you and only you.

              What I can tell you: My psychology is so much stronger and my emotions are no longer held captive by an absence of worth.

              No matter what you’re facing, I encourage you to love yourself, to admonish any voice that tells you otherwise and to help others on their journey to do the same. You have the power to do this for yourself.

              Your only requirements:

              1. Recognizing YOU possess incredible value.

              2. Acknowledging YOU absolutely have what it takes.

              3. Believing YOUR worth is immeasurable.

              Written and shared with love by Romeo Salvador II. For more about Romeo, click here now!

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