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I believe mornings are your trajectory for the rest of your day! It’s very important to use your a.m. to aim yourself towards where the most joy, love and happiness are to be found! It’s essential to take even a mere 60 seconds to breathe and get back in touch with your core values, passions and mission for your life.

This is why I’ve created the “Happy Dammit Daily,” where every Monday through Friday (the days we need it most), I deliver one of my famed and infusion poster therapistviral “Instant Happy” posters directly to your email inbox.

My posters have been described as “Inspirational Flashcards” – because they create what’s called a “pattern interrupt” – a psychological tool recommended by practitioners of neuro-linguistic programming to help stop limiting beliefs.

More of the neuroscientific scoop: When you put words within pictures, your brain immediately perks up in an effort to make sense of how/why these words relate to the picture – thereby stimulating extra neuron activity. The more neurons you have firing up, the greater the chance that your brain is paying attention and recording what it perceives.

This is why using flashcards with pictures is known to help people to learn information better! Similarly, positivity-pushing posters work better than mere quotations – to jackhammer-drill home positive messaging in a far stronger way than words alone can do.

If you’re up for feeling “happy dammit!” on a daily basis, all you need do is CLICK NOW and you’ll be whisked to a sign up page! So if you want to be happier-er-er, click now… dammit!


twitter-bird-light-bgsA Poster A Day Keeps The Therapist Away!   Karen Salmansohn @notsalmon has a Happy Dammit Daily http://tinyurl.com/lxzzmqv


    Warning: Obstacles to Joy Appear Larger than they Truly are During a Crisis.

    Karen Salmansohn warningA few years back I was dealing with an especially challenging time – or what I refer to as my Vortex.  My friend Gene said something which has forever stayed with me:

    “Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it first appears.”

    I love this quote – although at the time it was tough for me to believe that things weren’t as bad as they seemed.  I later learned that this was due to something which brain researchers call “resonance.”

    Chances are you’ve witnessed “resonance” with guitars. If you pluck the G string on one guitar, the G string on any nearby guitar will have “sympathetic resonance” and start to vibrate as well! If you haven’t experienced this, check it out! It’s very cool.

    Brain researchers have discovered that happy thoughts share the same “resonance” in the brain. Ditto with sad thoughts sharing a common “resonance.” When you think happy thoughts the brain then naturally attracts the memories of other happy thoughts – which are all simmering at the same happy “resonance.” Ditto on sad thoughts attracting similarly resonating sad thoughts.

    Basically, your thought and memories are “tuned in” at specific frequencies, based on the information they’re encoded with… like: “This is high-level happy stuff” or “this is low-level miserable stuff.” Whatever “resonance” your present thoughts and memories are simmering at (“high-level happy” or “low-level miserable”), they’ll attract thoughts and memories of similar information.

    The result: When you’re happy, a stream of positive thoughts ensues. Ditto on simmering negative thoughts.

    The good news: Over time, negative brain resonances eventually simmer back up to their normal, daily, even-keeled mid-level set zones. When they do, that’s when the feeling of “rebounding” kicks in.

    So if lately you’ve been worried that you’re never going to feel like your “normal happy self” again, don’t. You’re biologically wired to return to your normal “mid-level” happiness zone. And studies have even shown that you can wind up bouncing back to an even higher happier zone – because after bad stuff happens you wind up appreciating all your good stuff even more.

    Professor Richard Lucas, at Michigan State University, researched the effects of bad and good times on “mood permanence.” He focused on a wide range of people: from folks who won huge amounts of money to those who experienced debilitating injuries. His research showed all people initially reacted strongly to the good or bad in their lives. However, eventually nearly everyone returned to their former general happiness level.

    More good news: His studies showed that post-distressing times, many people actually reported rebounding to a higher-than-usual good mood. He attributes this bounce-back-higher effect to people appreciating the good in their life after suffering the bad.

    The result: Your renewed focus on appreciating all the good things in your life retrieves even more simmering positive thought memories . . . and upward your mood does go!

    Bounce Back Assignment:  Create a Gratitude Journal. Record: Who do you love? What do you love? What do you love to do? Psychologists find that people who keep weekly gratitude journals end up feeling happier, more energetic, and more optimistic than those who don’t. So write down those people, things, and experiences that bring you joy, and keep your brain resonating at a happy temperature.  (Note: I sell beautiful Gratitude Journals in my shop! Click here to check them out!)


    Warning: Obstacles to joy appear larger than they truly are during a crisis. say Karen Salmansohn  @notsalmon via her blog http://tinyurl.com/lpvfb27

    Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it first appears. Love this reminder from Karen Salmansohn @notsalmon http://tinyurl.com/lpvfb27 



      We can choose brokenness. Or we can choose strength. A Guest Blog by Danielle Orner

      (NOTE: This is a guest blog by the inspiring Danielle Orner)

      infusion Danielle TwistThe teenagers watch me roll out my yoga mat. As they whisper and nudge each other nervously, I notice most of them are boys. Only two girls are present in the sweltering classroom. I remember the afternoon, when I was nine, that I pushed a boy down on my front lawn and sat on his back. We both still had rollerblades on our feet. His brother raced down the block to get their mom.

      When the mom asked why I wouldn’t get up, I burst into tears and explained he said girls couldn’t play street hockey. These boys will one day need courage to defend their yoga practice, which has become feminized in the west and was originally studied only by men for centuries. Now, they’ve vague ideas about yoga.

      They’re all in basketball shorts. They’re all here for a year-long rehab program. At fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen, they’ve already been consumed by an addiction to drugs and alcohol. I start by telling them my story.

      I show them my leg. As they sit cross-legged on their wrestling mats, I see their expressions shift. I am not what they initially expected. I am not another outside adult lecturing them. I’ve been through the fire. In the language of scars, my body tells of oncology wards, of an amputation, of being different, and of fighting for survival. Just like them, my path derailed when I was fifteen. My trials made me grow-up fast.

      Suddenly, they see I am not going to tell them life is easy if they just get it together.

      We start the flow. They teeter in the balancing poses. Brows farrowed, they studied my every move. No one complains even though the room isn’t air-conditioned. At the end, they all have comments.

      One raises his hand and says, “That was so hard but now I feel so relaxed.” I smile at his wonder, his sense of accomplishment, his realization that his moods are his own. He gets the lesson.

      Life will be hard, for all of us at different times and in different ways, guaranteed. But we always, always, always have a choice of how to respond. I feel elated at learning this message from them at the same time that I am teaching it. We look at each other and know: we can choose brokenness or we can choose strength.

      As they shake my hand, I look into their eyes and think of all the ways they’ve tried to numb the pain and escape their lives. Each of us is still seeking the voice of intuition we’ve buried. After a decade in and out of the hospital, I finally chose to take an active part in my healing. I became present for the good and the bad. When we tap into the now, we discover unconditional love for each other and this unpredictable, beautiful world. The work may be hard but the reward is getting to come home to our lives, our dreams, and our truest selves.

      Written and shared with love by Danielle Orner. To find out more about Danielle, click here now!


        Have More Fun At Work Because Fun Is a High Performance Fuel!

        Have More Fun At WorkI want you to start to have more fun at work – because fun is a high performance fuel! I believe this so much, I gave a TEDx talk about this! A lot of what’s below is from my TEDx Talk – which you can see by clicking here!

        Back when I was eighteen, I worked that summer as a cocktail waitress at a resort in the Poconos. I mainly worked poolside – taking drink orders from customers on the lounge chairs by the pool.

        It was a sweltering summer.

        We had a record heat wave.

        As a result, all my potential customers were in the pool – swimming – cooling off.

        Basically, nobody wanted to lounge on those lounge chairs. It was too damn hot.

        I had no customers. I had no drink orders.The record heat wave had dried up my sales opportunities.

        Me and my fellow cocktail waitresses were all sweating, miserable, depressed.

        So one day at lunch I showed up with a water pistol. It was hot out. I thought it would be a fun way to cool off. Every time one of my fellow cocktail waitresses started to complain about how we had no customers – nobody wanted to lounge on those lounge chairs – it was too damn hot – I simply squirted them with the water pistol.

        We all started to joke around – and laugh.

        And it was in the midst of joking around that I came up with my big money making idea. I actually first said it as a joke first.

        My big money making idea?

        After lunch, I stripped down ….just to my bathing suit. It was just one convenient layer beneath the resort apron uniform the management had us wear. Then I slipped into the pool, where all my customers were. I went to the customers – with my tray and order pad, and I became the swimming cocktail waitress!

        My customers all loved the drink-ordering convenience – as well as the playful absurdity of a swimming cocktail waitress. Plus I loved that I got to make lots of money and get a nice refreshing swim.

        And management loved it too.

        For the rest of the summer I became their swimming cocktail waitress.


        Having fun – being PLAYFUL – can be very profitable.

        You don’t need to work longer hours to make more money.

        You just need to work more fun hours.

        Many of the best business ideas come from the fun zone.

        As everyone knows meditation helps you to relieve stress – and think more clearly.

        Fun is meditation on steroids.

        And this is not just my personal experience with the power of fun. This is also research information!

        Recently there’s been a few studies which support the power of fun.

        There was one from researchers at University of Western Ontario who studied the affects of funny youtube videos versus videos of sad music and sad news stories.

        Guess what? Watching “fun stuff” made people better at mentally challenging tasks like number puzzles. Meaning? Basically all that fun time-wasting stuff you do it supercharges your brain!


        I’ve published over 30 books. People call me disciplined. But I credit my productivity on having fun – and finding fun people to work with. We laugh for a few hours – look at the clock – and say – oops – we forgot to work! Then we wind up working on the book nonstop – BUT – it doesn’t feel like work or discipline – because we’re having fun. We’re in the fun zone.

        Some people call it “flow.” I call it the “fun zone.”

        AND… I give seminars to companies (big and small) for how to bring fun and playfulness into the workplace.

        I am a huge believer that fun is a high performance fuel as work.

        If you have a company (big or small) I’d love to come for a visit – and inspire you with a FUN IS A HIGH PERFORMANCE FUEL WORKSHOP or SEMINAR.

        As mentioned– this topic is one I just gave a TEDx talk on! Plus, I’ve spoken about this topic all across the country – from San Diego at an AIGA conference – to Atlanta at a conference for 3,000 dentists and dental hygienists – with many seminars in between.

        WANT MORE INFO for how to snag me for a workshop or seminar for your company? Write to me on my contact page! CLICK HERE NOW!

        If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to have more fun – hire me for a PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM! Read more info by clicking here!

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        U dont need 2 be a workaholic 2 make more money. U need to be a funaholic. – via Karen Salmansohn/ @notsalmon ’s blog http://bit.ly/1bMjRIV

        True success is measured by how much u want to get out of bed in the morning. via new work seminar from @notsalmon http://bit.ly/1bMjRIV


          Hop on the Love Bus – A Guest Blog by Victoria Vruno

          infu bus(Note: This is a guest blog written by the awesome Victoria Vruno)

          “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

          Ah, that age old question.

          When I was a little girl I thought I wanted to be a school bus driver. Everyone else wanted to be a doctor, a policeman, or a teacher…and then…there was me, that awkward little girl who wanted to be a school bus driver.

          I was always way too self-conscious to admit something so embarrassing, so I never revealed my secret to anyone, until I realized WHY I was so drawn to wanting to drive a school bus.

          When I was in first grade, I remember having the most kind and beautiful bus driver who would stop near the corner of Londonberry Lane to pick me up, along with the rest of the school crew, every weekday morning. She was so pretty and so nice, and she greeted everyone with such friendliness and warmth, that one couldn’t help but feel extra special in her presence. She welcomed us onto the bus with a big bowl of hard candy (this was back in the ‘70s!) and was always so pleasant and sweet. There was a permanently etched smile on her face, and a ‘sing-song’ melody to her voice. What a wonderful way to start the day greeted by a woman spilling over with kindness!

          Many-many years later it hit me, it’s not WHAT she was doing, but WHO she was that led me to believe I wanted to be a school bus driver.

          I wanted to be just like her because of how special and valued she made me feel; because of her cheery disposition and genuine smile; because of the uplifting impact she made on those around her; because of the way she brought joy to each and every child who boarded her inspiring bus filled with love and kindness.

          Instead of being defined by something outside of ourselves, a “job” or a “position” we acquire, what if we were to grow up with people asking what qualities we admire in others, what things we enjoy doing, what makes us happy and brings our soul alive. I think these are the real questions we need to ask. It is these questions that will lead to a path of fulfillment, as it becomes a discovery of those gifts already within ourselves, our inherent desires and passions; and when our work is based around that, it is then we will find happiness – when it is about WHO we are, not “what” we think we should be doing.

          In other words, when how we earn a living matches our interests and passions, it stops feeling like work. And even if that isn’t how we earn our living, as long as we’re doing something in our lives that enhances those traits, such as a hobby, sport, craft or volunteer work, we feel more alive and our lives flow so much smoother because we are living a more balanced life.

          Just like my unforgettable bus driver from long ago (who never worked a day in her life!), I love making a difference, spreading kindness, bringing joy and inspiration to others. So I ask you to look for the qualities you admire in others, and then to explore your heart and soul and find those traits and other jewels in yourself. Also ask your children and other people in your life what they’re passionate about and encourage their interests … and let’s all hop on the love bus and enjoy and embrace a life filled with purpose and passion!

          Peace & Blessings, Victoria Vruno

          ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After her father’s near-death experience from heart disease in 2009 (and surviving a 6 week coma), and then naturally curing her Hypothyroidism and Candida overgrowth, Victoria became fascinated with health and nutrition and credits these experiences as being the catalyst for pursuing her degree in Holistic Nutrition. Victoria is also a published poet and author, and is a proud mother of two college age sons. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago where she is a charter member of Unity of Fox Valley’s Green Team, which supports organic and sustainable living. You can view Victoria’s inspiring product line, “Owning Joy,” by clicking here! You can view her inspirational life musings on her blog by clicking here!


            How To Be Happier: Become A Choosier Choice Chooser

            How To Be HappierHow to be happier… Read on…

            Every Saturday is “One Thing Day” for me and my (nearly 3 year old) son Ari. I take him to a toy store in the hood, and allow him to choose one thing. Emphasis on “choose.” I purposefully make the toy-hunting experience an opportunity to teach my son how to become a good choice maker.

            You see, I’m a big believer that your life is basically a sum of all the choices you make. The better your choices, the better opportunity to lead a happy life.

            Of course I also recognize that a lot of what happens to us also has to do with stuff we cannot control. But, if you’re a good choice maker, you can choose the best emotional responses – and choose the best new life paths forwards and upwards.

            Basically, a big secret to a happy life is to learn to become a choosier choice chooser.

            Okay – so – with all this in mind, let me explain more to you about our “One Thing Day” – and how our toy shopping experience winds up unfolding.

            Ari and I will enter the toy store. (Note: For the record, this is usually a discount place like Marshalls or Burlington). Ari will start perusing the shelves – often finding something immediately that he wants.

            “I want this as my One Thing,” Ari has been known to announce within 60 seconds of toy store arrival – often pointing to a box of Legos.

            “Okay, let’s consider that as your One Thing – but let’s also keep on looking,” I’ll suggest. “Remember – sometimes the best choice is not the first choice. Sometimes there’s something better around the corner. Keep on looking.”

            TOOL #1: I’m a big believer that often being overly impulsive/overly reactive is what gets us into trouble in life. I’ve witnessed this in a variety of areas – from my once-heart-achey-love-life to my once-overly-saturated-shoe-life.  When I look back at some of my past impulse-driven choices, I find myself asking: “What Was I Thinking?” The answer? I was NOT thinking. I was reacting without mindful thought. I want to teach my son that the best choices are mindful, thoughtful choices.

            Next up, my son will continue to search the shelves. A few minutes later he’ll announce, “I want THIS as my One Thing!” – usually pointing to a Spiderman related object – or one of Spiderman’s many nemeses. (Note: Yep – I googled it – and this is indeed how you spell the plural to nemesis!)

            “Okay, let’s consider that choice too,” I tell Ari, “but – remember – you already have lots of Spiderman toys which sort of look like that. Maybe you want to find something new and different, yes?”

            “Okay, let’s consider that choice too,” I tell Ari, “but – remember – you already have lots of Spiderman toys which sort of look like that. Maybe you want to find something new and different, yes?”

            TOOL #2 : I’m a big believer that many of our choices we make in life are due to habit, familiarity, comfort, fear of the unknown – which can keep our lives small. I want to teach my son not to make the same narrow-focused choices due to an automatic default to “habit, familiarity comfort and fear of the unknown.” Instead, I want to encourage my son to expand his horizons – live a big and thriving life – making choices which are conscious, awake, and often courageously unfamiliar! Anais Nin was correct when she said, “One’s life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage!”

            Next up, my son will poke around on some more shelves – and eventually he’ll choose something fun – but dangerous for a three year old.

            “Hmmm – this toy looks like a lot of fun,” I will say, “but it also looks a bit dangerous – like it could lead to an ouchie.”

            TOOL #3:  I’m a big believer that it’s important for my son to become aware of the long term consequences of his choices – recognize how a particular choice can have both good and bad long term affects. Indeed, many of life’s most fun/pleasurable choices come with potential dangers. It’s important for my son to grow up recognizing that what might appear exciting/inviting at first glance – could also have eventual negative consequences. I want him to be aware that every choice should not just be chosen for it’s immediate gain – but should also include a consideration of the longterm results. After all, so many of the most tempting aspects of adult life (lusty love, yummy margaritas, hot-looking-motorcycles,  cool-looking tattoos, grumble-grumble cigarettes, etc… ) all have long term potential difficulties. I want my son to start now to have a mindset which recognizes that often life’s most tempting choices come with a strong negative-consequence quotient – and so it’s key to be mindful choice-maker!

            Anyhoo – often Ari winds up with 2 or 3 toys to consider as his One Thing. I will then ask my son why he likes each of the toys.

            “I love Legos – because I love doing them with you mommy – as a team,” Ari says. “And I love Spiderman because he’s powerful and a good guy – and he makes me happy. And this Green Goblin toy – he’s scary and mean – hmmm – maybe I don’t want Green Goblin.”

            “So you prefer toys which make you feel happy – and you like toys which you and I can do as a team..”

            TOOL #4: I repeat back the mindful, thoughtful thinking behind my son’s choice  – so my son can learn to become more aware of the feelings and reasoning which are leading to his choices.  And I especially want my son to become aware of the negative feelings that toys with “evil characters” or “dangerous/violent guns” make him feel.  And these specific kinds of toys do make Ari feel “yucky” when he takes the time to become aware of his feelings. “Violence makes me feel yucky,” my son Ari has even stated! And of course I’ve repeated back these words to him – to reinforce I’ve heard him – and to reinforce within him how he feels – so he becomes consciously aware of his own core values – which is that he does not like evil characters and dangerous/ violent toys.

            “Yes!” Ari says. “And I also like Legos because I like being a builder. I like to build things.”

            “So, you enjoy the feeling of building something – watching it become something else,” I repeat back.

            “Yes, I do,” Ari says, “And I like doing Legos with you! I like when we do things together. I want Legos as my One Thing!”

            “Okay – sounds like you’re making a good choice for your One Thing.”

            TOOL#5: I love using these specific words: “You’re making a good choice.” I want my son to become aware that he is in charge of the choices he makes – and it’s good to make thoughtful, good choices.

            TOOL #6: Conversely, if my son does something which falls into the category of “bad” (aka: throwing a toy, jumping from a high step, screaming loudly in a restaurant) I will tell him how this is a “bad choice” or “not a safe choice.” I want him to know he has the power to choose the right thing to do – or the wrong thing to do – as well as the power to choose a toy which is best for him. Basically, I feel it’s much more impactful to say to my son, “That’s a bad choice” or “That’s not a safe choice” – rather than to say to him, “Stop being bad.” I feel that when I tell my son “that’s a bad choice” or “that’s not a safe choice,” I’m giving my son the power to choose on his own the right and wiser behavior – rather than have me choose his behavior for him. It’s very important for me to make sure that my son not get used to me dictating and commanding what he should do. Instead, I’d rather my son develop good, mindful, thoughtful choice-making skills on his own – so he can learn to make right and wiser choices on his own.

            Again, I’m a huge believer that your life is basically a sum of all the choices you make. The better your choices, the better opportunity you will have to lead a happy life.

            TOOL #7:  A good tool for ensuring a happy life: Make it a priority to become a choosier choice chooser!

            twitter-bird-light-bgsTWEET THIS NOW:

            A big secret to a happy life: become a choosier choice chooser. – Karen Salmansohn (@notsalmon ) via her blog http://bit.ly/12uqjvY

            I’d love to hear your insights on the comment section below! What’s something which comes to your mind and heart when you read this essay. Share your personal story or a personal happiness tool! I LOVE it when you share – because I love to find out about my community! Plus, many thousands of peeps read these inspirational essays – so, what you share could be a helpful inspiration for someone else! xo Karen


              One of the Best Healing Tools on Earth is Earth – the Dirt on Earthing by Trish Fortune

              infusionsoft trash guest blogger pic(Note: This is a guest blog post from the inspiring Trish Fortune.)

              I was doing some research on ‘presence’ for a class that I was putting together. I wanted to elaborate on methods of grounding – probably because telling my students to hug a tree or play in the dirt seemed too easy and possibly too woo-woo. Turns out there is a whole movement around grounding – or “Earthing.” Guess what? It is backed by science! So being the big geek that I am for finding methods to improve health and healing, I shifted my research to “Earthing.” I was blown away by what I discovered.

              The premise of Earthing is that our planet is a big, huge battery. When we connect our bodies directly to the earth, we tap into its vast healing energies, restoring our natural electrical state. We lose this ability to recharge ourselves when walking the earth in our insulating-soled shoes – a challenge experienced by all of us in our modern society.

              Earthing promises to overcome so many health challenges that researchers have coined it the “missing link” in a new healing paradigm. It is a drug-free way (all natural) to feel better, look better, sleep better and have a greater sense of well-being. Who doesn’t want that!

              Feeling Disconnected? Here’s the list of some of the health challenges (pretty much all the bad boys!) that can be alleviated with regular 30 minute Earthing sessions:

              • Chronic pain
              • Insomnia
              • Stress
              • Anxiety
              • Inflammation
              • Premature aging
              • PMS
              • Arthritis
              • Indigestion
              • Fatigue
              • Back ache
              • High blood pressure
              • Jet lag

              Earthing is a remarkably simple treatment to promote optimal health in thirty minutes a day with no financial obligation or appointment necessary. You simply expose any part of your body to the earth.

              • Wade in the waters of a lake, stream or ocean
              • Take a barefoot stroll through a garden
              • Lean against the trunk of a tree (my tree hugger friends were onto something!)
              • Walk,stand or sit with your feet directly touching sand or grass (even unpaved sidewalks!)

              Important disclaimer: Be mindful of where you place your feet – no broken glass or dog poop!

              Barefoot is Best…and here’s why…

              • The soles of our feet have more nerve endings than any other part of our body.
              • The abundance of sweat glands on the bottom of our feet conduct electron flow from the ground up into our bodies.
              • Acupuncture point, K1 (Kidney 1 or Bubbling Spring) is located on the sole of the feet. K1 point connects to all points of the body via meridians (what I like to refer to as energy vessels). The Bubbling Spring point is said to open the sensory orifices and calm the Spirit. In acupuncture, this point is used to treat head and neck issues such as headache, blurry vision, sore throat and dizziness. This point also plays a significant role in walking meditation and in Qigong (a form of movement meditation and breath work), grounding us to Earth energy.

              “Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist Monk

              “Earthing Qigong” – A Trifecta of Healing and Well-being

              As a Qigong instructor, I got excited when I saw the Bubbling Springs connection vital to both Earthing and Qigong. I began thinking of innovative ways to integrate these healing techniques and thus, “Earthing Qigong” was born!
              Earthing Qigong combines the movement/healing energy of Qigong, the sun’s vitamin D and the limitless healing energy of the Earth to rejuvenate our mind-body-energy.

              Kick Off Your Shoes – Relax Your Feet

              Does this method seems too simple for you? Or too good to be true? I highly recommend that you give it a try. I have seen some amazing results with my clients (decreased blood pressure medication, more restful sleep, less stress, more peace of mind, etc.). For me, I notice a greater sense of calm after an earthing session. I wake up more refreshed – which gives me more energy to fully engage in life! Needless to say, I am hooked!

              Want to learn tools to revitalize your mind-body-spirit? Check out Trish Fortune’s awesome website – where she has lots of helpful tools and philosophies for living at your highest potential in mind-body-spirit – plus some terrific freebies to empower you! CLICK HERE NOW!!

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