3 Tools To Make Sure This Is The Year You Reach Your Goals!

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A month or so ago my little two and a half year old boy (Ari) was sick with a fever and cough. (He’s fine now. No worries.)

Anyway, I had to give him medicine.

No surprise. He didn’t want to take it.

So I found myself saying to him – “It is a MUST.”

Sure enough, my son Ari actually did start to swallow his medicine more easily – after I started using the word “MUST” at […]


    You know what’s sexy?

    This is sexy: Being a person who’s been through a life challenge and comes out with insights, more depth and a fiery passion to keep on moving forward, forward, forward! – a reminder from my book PRINCE HARMING SYNDROME. (Click here for more about this Oprah.com recommended book!)


      Create the right balance between being a real human & a virtual human

      Make sure you spend enough time face to face with the people you love – and not simply computer to computer or cellphone to cellphone!


        Take A Stand Against Bullying by Nolan Barry, age 12

        This is a guest blog by 7th grader, Nolan Barry.  He wrote this as a school assignment on the topic, “I have a dream…”  

        Have you ever seen bullying in the hall?

        Did you do something about it?

        I have a dream that one day kids will stand up to bullying.  From 3rd to 4th grade, I was bullied right in front of the class, and no one said a thing to any teachers.

        But then one day someone said something to the bully.  They said, “Why are you always so mean to Nolan?”

        Today that bully is now my best friend.

        Did you […]


          It’s Okay To Be Happy…REALLY by Denise Barry

          NOTE: This is a guest blog by the awesome Denise Barry

          Negativity is nothing more than a socially accepted form of mental illness.

          I know people who, when asked how their day was, have never said “I had a good day!” Instead, they say, “my day was okay,” no matter how good it was!

          I remember being in a room full of people once, at a seminar, and someone went around the room asking each one of us how we felt about our life.  Not one person said their life was terrific!  With a shrug of their shoulders, they said, “it’s fine”  at […]


            Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart…


              You have dealt with so much and done the best that you can.

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