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karen salmansohn glad scientist laboratory 2I’m excited to tell you about my weekly newsletter: Glad Scientist Weekly (click here to find out more and sign up now). I called it that because I’ve often joked I’m a “Glad Scientist” – because I’m a curious person – and view the world as my laboratory. Everything I’ve gone through I view as “life experiments.”

Yes, some “life experiments” have (at times) blown up in my face.  But, hey, I’m a “Glad Scientist.” I learn a happiness lesson each time – and become all the wiser!…


    Being highly thoughtful brings peace. Being overly full of thoughts brings stress.

    karen Salmansohn thoughtful full of thought

    This explains why you should have a regular meditation practice!

    I offer fun meditation videos over at NotsalmonTV – which are great for beginners or advanced meditators – even kids! 

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      It takes so much energy to lie. I wish people could grasp the sense of freedom & liberation that comes with being honest & genuine.

      karen salmansohn energy to lie

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        Nothing is ever as good or bad as it first appears!

        karen salmansohn nothing good or bad

        I believe mornings are your trajectory for the rest of your day! It’s very important to use your a.m. to aim yourself towards where the most joy, love and happiness are to be found! It’s essential to take even a mere 60 seconds to breathe and get back in touch with your core values, passions and mission for your life. This is why I’ve created the “Happy Dammit Daily,” where every Monday through Friday (the days we need it most), I deliver one of my inspirational “posters” right to your email box -for free!


          A Random Act Of Umbrella Kindness

          Karen Salmansohn Umbrella KindnessSo a few months ago I was working in a café near my son’s daycare. When I left the café to pick up my son, it was raining cats and dogs. Or rather, panthers and pitbulls – because we’re talking some powerful, juicy raindrops here! 

          Happily I had my son’s hooded raincoat in his daycare locker – and a hood of my own on my jacket. But – I had zippo umbrella.  When I picked him up, I immediately hooded us both up – then headed home as quickly as I could. …

            I choose…

            i choose i choosei choose

            I’ve seen a lot of people write posters and essays with the words “I Choose.” They’re up all over the internet. I myself have written a post with the words “I choose.”

            Many of the “I Choose” posts/posters I’ve seen have offered up different choices in what is being chosen.

            Many of these posts/posters do not have any author’s name on them – they just say  “unknown” for the author.

            So out of curiosity I spent some time googling.

            At first, the very first “I choose” quote I saw attributed  was from November 29th 2011 – to someone with the name Avril P.…


              You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince but no need to kiss the pigs and dogs.

              karen salmansohn frog kissing prince

              Pssst…want some tools to prevent frog, pig and dog kissing? Click here now!

              TWEET THIS: U gotta kiss a lot of frogs be4 U find your prince but no need 2 kiss the pigs and dogs. via @notsalmon

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