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Train your brain to seek out the happiness in all of life’s crappiness. Instant Happy offers stylishly designed “thought interventions” - with witty sayings and a dose of cheeky tough love. Simply flip open the book to kick yourself out of that negative thought loop.Life throwing you curveballs? Hit them out of the park! The Bounce Back Book has a red rubber cover on the outside and inside tips for thriving in the face of adversity, setbacks, losses, failures, illness, rejection – you name it!You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince – but no need to kiss those pigs and dogs! Prince Harming Syndrome will help you better recognize and recover from Prince Harmings! (eBook .PDF Version)

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Have love and happiness passed you by? Fear not! Read How to be Happy, Dammit – a best seller merging psychology, biology, eastern and western philosophy, quantum physics and the Zen of Bazooka Joe.Wanna put an end to bad habits for good? Enough, Dammit playfully teaches tips from Cognitive Therapy, Jung, Freud, Biology, Eastern Philosophy, Darwinism, Quantum Physics, and the Zen of Enchiladas.Want to receive little jolts of joy and willpower throughout your day? Quickie Stickies offers ‘em – with its 100 feisty affirmations you stick up a la Post Up notes – on a computer, mirror, briefcase, etc…
Feel like you're swimming in rough waters in your career? Unsure how to stay afloat in the competitive marketplace? In this new business book Business Lessons from a Swimming Cocktail Waitress, Salmansohn shares a metaphorical story of meteoric rise which applies to all careers! (eBook .PDF Version)

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