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If you’re single and dating, you might at times find yourself thinking things like :

Prince Harming“Why didn’t I see those red flags waving much earlier on?”


“Am I secretly wearing a kick-me-sign on my heart?”


“What the heck was I thinking getting involved with him/her?”

I’d love to help you stop this negative-thought-spree – and empower you to feel confident about finding a loving partner who makes you feel happy and safe to share your heart. Prince Harming Syndrome shares many helpful “vetting” processes – to help you spot red flags sooner – and aim you towards partners who “get you” – and value keeping you. Plus I offer tools to help you to let go of the pain left behind from any ex-love(s) – because that’s part of the process of attracting your next-love! After all, anger, regret, fear and bitterness all work like “anti-charisma.” I give you tools to release all this negativity in my best selling e-book – now 50% OFF for a limited time – only $9.99 – in a convenient e-book – you can read on your computer or anywhere you can read a PDF. Thanks to the tools in Prince Harming Syndrome I’m now finally experiencing the happy family life I’ve always dreamed about…as are my e-book’s many multi-thousands of readers.

Here’s what some of my readers shared…

“This book saved my life. I’m so happy now. Thank you for sharing your light with the world.” – C.B.

“I think of your book as my love bible – and credit it for changing many of my beliefs – which then changed my dating habits. I’m now happily engaged to an awesome guy! Thank you from my heart!” – P.D.

“I can’t tell you how much I feel I’ve grown and learned about myself in just a few chapters of your Prince Harming e-book. When I’m feeling particularly down about the situation, I read more of your book and it changes my outlook completely. I only wish I could have read this book years ago when I was a younger lass – probably would have saved me a bunch of heartache! But, we live and learn.” – L.R.

“I love this book! I am a mental health therapist who has had her eye open for a book such as this for quite some time. I’ve had a number of female clients over the years who struggle with the common problem of choosing men/being attracted to men who end up being “jerks”, “losers”, “users”, or simply not the “marriage material” they thought. I think this author takes a unique, but very common sense approach to the problem, breaking down her points into easy-to-read and humorous excerpts. She speaks personally as if writing woman to woman, and at the same time essentially educates women about paying attention to the reality of the man they are considering/dating versus considering/dating that man’s potential. I think this book can really help women stay focused on developing their own self respect, giving easy to follow guidelines to help decipher the qualities they are looking for, and in turn aide women to be able to see a man for what he is versus being fooled or caught in a fantasy of who he is. She really trumps other relationship self-help books when it comes to the section about maintaining a healthy relationship with a good man, too. After years of counseling women who become dissappointed, hurt, and at times blindsided by the man they are dating or married to–and counseling some of those men they’ve ended up with–I think this author really pegs the topic and clearly knows the core of what true, mature love is. I’ve recommended it a number of times and will continue to do so!” – C.O.

“I feel this book really exemplifies what a woman deals with out there in the dating realm. The author hit the nail on the head; we all look at the “outside” stuff as the most important, and not the “inside” hard to see stuff. We all must look at each others “actions” and not just “words” to really see the real core or real characteristics of a person. Don’t take a person’s word, go by their actions. I learned a tremendous amount of info from this book! We pick our relationships and are attracted to the people we have been attracted to by what we learned as a “chooser” or “picker” from our family environment. If your “picker” is way off, and leading you astray to constantly bad relationship scenarios, now is the time to take time to read this book to “relearn” how your “picker” should be and what you should be looking at!” – D.R.

“Ok – so I just bought your Prince Harming E-book and I ran a nice hot bath, iPad in hand, lay back in the supporting loveliness of the lapping water and the bathroom echoed with repeatedly loud OMG – OMG – Oh Myyyy Gods (and I had only read up to halfway through chapter one). Thanks for this sister. I’m clearing the rest of the day to veg on the sofa, blankie, tissues and hot cocoa at the ready and getting stuck into the rest. (To be honest I was scared I was going to drop the iPad in the bath as I repeatedly kind of sat up in shock with one hand over my mouth (still muttering the omgs). Safety first eh?)” – A.K.

Prince Harming Syndrome mixes the latest psychological research on relationships with the philosophy of Aristotle! (And yes, Prince Harming Syndrome applies equally to Princess Harmings!) I teach you how to seek out the 5 essentials for true love. Chances are many of these are not presently what you’d normally think about looking for!

For example, one essential is to seek a partner who “values growing.” If your partner doesn’t value growing, then your relationship won’t survive because a relationship is only as strong as its weakest moments – how you each handle stress and conflict. If your partner values growing, during tough times they will be open to discussing problems, meeting your needs and evolving so as to make sure problems don’t keep repeating.


Plus, Prince Harming Syndrome is a call to action for recognizing that there are 3 kinds of relationships – and only 1 will bring true happiness. (Aristotle defines them as: “relationships of pleasure,” “relationships of utility” and “relationships of shared virtue”). Plus, Prince Harming Syndrome reminds that a relationship serves 2 functions: “den of pleasure” and “laboratory of growth.”

The people at OPRAH loved the advice in Prince Harming Syndrome so much, they not only recommended the book highly on their site, they ran a series of articles about this book as well.

Here’s one of the many articles I wrote for Oprah – which includes the tools and philosophies you will find in Prince Harming Syndrome: THE #1 THING TO WANT IN A MAN

“Your book prince harming syndrome has been an absolutely blessing!!! It’s as if you wrote this book specifically for me I am so grateful I’ve discovered your book! Not only has it helped rebuild my spirits after a terrible break up from my Prince Harming, I’ve realized what amazing personal growth I had actually made in the last 2 years I spent in that terrible relationship! I would of never discovered that without the words from your book! Seeing the positive outcome from such a terrible relationship has been a blessing in disguise. Thank you for your words! This book is a must read!!” -RM

“I just wanted to thank you for writing Prince Harming Syndrome . It’s one of the hardest books I’ve read not because I don’t understand it but because I believe you are reading it through me. I am now answering the questions on 82? Wow I am at the question I regret… And have 4 pages written! I cry opening up myself to all this honesty I am writing. Some I never thought of until I dug a bit deeper. I just wanted to thank you so much.” – D.K.

“I highly recommend Prince Harming Syndrome! I’ve been reading your emails and posts about this e-book for some time, finally got the e-book, and NOW doing the work. Dayum. Learning and Loving! Thank you for all you do!” – A.P.

Some Common Questions & Somewhat Uncommon Answers

What is a Prince Harming?

A guy who is either trouble – or troubleD. I confess up front I’ve had my share. Been there, dated him. Unfortunately many guys start off super nice – then pull what I call a “date and switch” – usually after sex starts – which is why I advise women delay sex for a while – until you know a guy’s true core self – his true character. If you want to be happy in love, you must take the time to see past a guy’s “superficial lures” (hottiness, funniness, smartness, success, status, power, fame, glory, wealthiness)— and discover his true core self – true character. Why? Because many of the biggest problems in a relationship occur because of a weakness in character – which I explain further in my book. Personality/looks/wealth are all the tip of the iceberg. Character is the foundation of who someone is.

A few years ago I saw an article about “The Psychopath Checklist”—a helpful list criminal psychiatrists use to test the potential of someone being a hardcore psychopath, capable of committing repeated evil and violent crimes. The list?

  • Glibness
  • Extreme charisma
  • Need to always be doing something
  • Feelings of high self-worth
  • Pathological lying
  • Proneness to boredom
  • Emotional unavailability

I realized all these personality traits described my ex-Prince Harming boyfriend – who turned out to be a dont-get-me-started lying cheater. The lesson? A good personality is never to be confused with good character. Charles Manson, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were all very passionate, charismatic, intelligent, successful guys—but that doesn’t mean you should have dated them!

Gotcha. You also offer Aristotle’s Love Tips in your book. What are those?

Aristotle says there are 3 kinds of relationships – and only 1 brings true happiness.

1. Relationships of Pleasure.

These are partners who are all about sex, drugs and rock and roll. You might share passionate sex and playful banter—but they’re all about pleasures of the body or ego. They never soul-nurture you with insight and growth—so never bring you real-deal happiness.

2. Relationships of Utility—a partner you spend time with in hopes of garnering greater wealth, status, fame, power, glory, or beauty by being in their presence. These partners also don’t nurture your soul—only your ego.

3. Finally there are Relationships of Shared Virtue. These are partners who stimulate you, challenge you, inspire you, root for you to grow into your highest potential—who nurture your soul. A good example is Jack Nicholson’s character in As Good As It Gets who says: “You make me want to be a better man.” When you prioritize seeking a partner who supports your becoming your best self—instead of just crushing on someone’s superficial sexy looks, charisma and wealthiness—you wind up with a soul mate/a Prince Charming/a definite keeper!

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