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It’s Never Too Late To Go For Your Dreams

poster remember never lateWelcome to Yazminh’s Corner! Yazminh AB will be guest blogging essays on courage, joy, and the finer points of kicking ass in life.

Too Late for Dreams? Says You!

I have some absolutely talented friends that are decades younger, and fearful of being “too old” for a goal.

I also have amazing friends, decades older, who feel the same.

Here’s the absolute lowdown on what is impossible for you to accomplish: Complete the following sentence: “It’s way too late for me to ____________________.”

Got it down?…


    Broken Promises, Mended Promises

    broken promisesWelcome to a Guest Column called “Raisin’ Kids” – written by Denise Barry, an award winning author of the children’s picture books.

    I remember being very young, maybe five or six, and not being able to sleep one night. I wasn’t stressed or anything, I was super excited.

    It was summer, and earlier that day my parents told my sisters and I we were going to the County Fair. Not that day, but in two weeks.

    We didn’t get to do much back then because we had very little money, but my parents would often take us on long rides, and once in a while we’d get to go to the drive-in or out for ice cream.…


      A Secret To Lasting Love

      .secret to lasting loveNOTE: This is a guest blog by the inspiring author, Deborah Kevin

      When I was in fifth grade, my class performed songs from “Fiddler on the Roof” in our school’s spring concert.

      “Matchmaker, matchmaker/Make me a match/Find me a find/Catch me a catch.”

      Looking back, perhaps consulting a matchmaker might not have been a bad idea considering I have been in relationships with a narcissist, a psychopath and someone emotionally unavailable.

      Let’s not ignore the common denominator in all three relationships: me.


        Tools For Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

        Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 9.00.20 AMOn Wednesday of this week my 5 year old son Ari launched himself into Kindergarten!

        That’s him in the jet fuel knapsack! Watch out world!

        So… as Ari was getting ready in the morning, I thought about giving him a tiny bit of helpful life wisdom every day before school.  After all, I want him to grow up not only learning School Lessons – but Life Lessons – becoming smart about things like how to be a good friend/good person/good citizen of our world.  …


          How to Make Your Life Easier

          How to Make Your Life EasierWelcome to Yazminh’s Corner! Yazminh will be guest blogging essays on courage, joy, and the finer points of kicking ass in life.

          Do you get overly anxious about the unfamiliar? Do you tend to make life more difficult than it need be?

          Here’s a Quick Quiz to test how much you unnecessarily make mountains out of molehills.

          Which of the 4 categories below are molehills versus mountains.

          1. You didn’t get that bonus? (Answer: Molehill.)
          2. Your flight is delayed a few hours?

            20 Funny Quotes About Life To Inspire And Make You Think

            Here are some funny quotes about life – which will make you smile – even in the midst of difficult times.

            If you’re feeling challenged because of a toxic person or unhappy relationship problem, click here for helpful tools.

            If you’re feeling moody and tired because you’re eating crappy food and feeling uncomfortable in your skin, click here for tools to retrain your brain to naturally crave healthier foods.

            Funny Quotes About Life



              Don’t Feel Loved? 25 Quotes to Remind You You’re Awesome

              If you’re feeling unloved and depressed because of a toxic person or relationship problem, click here for helpful tools.

              If you’re feeling moody and lacking of love because you’re eating crappy food, click here for self-loving health motivation tools.

              And feel free to print out and share these motivational quotes!

              don't feel loved


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