Susan Shapiro

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Susan Shapiro is an award-winning teacher at The New School and NYU and the NYTimes bestselling author of 10 books including "Unhooked," "Five Men Who Broke My Heart," "Lighting Up" and the new novel "What's Never Said." You can follow her on Twitter at @Susanshapironet.

Syndi Grambau

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Syndi’s passion is supporting others to find, nurture & celebrate their own unique & individual sparkles. The core of her practice at Embrace comes from connecting with one’s own values, discovering and exploring what is meaningful for you, the magic of nature, as well as the art and daily practice of mindfulness and self-compassion. You can visit her website here:

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About The Author: Yazminh AB is a thriving survivor of having grown up a tomboy with a sailor’s mouth in an old-school Catholic Asian household. She enjoys movies that make her jump, foods that make her sing, and songs that transport her.  If cloned, she would become an engineer, neuroscientist, epic movie composer and ninja master. For now, she is a happy-go-lucky writer, life coach, and mom of a gaggle of kids, including her Australian cattle beagle.