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Vampire stories. Colorful sneakers. Graffiti-art for skateboards.

These are a few of the popular trends right now amongst kids. Unfortunately there are also two more trends going around schools right now: Bullying and cyber-bullying.

Check out these Bullying Statistics:

(Note:Via the U.S. National Institute of Health, SAFE, Tony Bartoli):

  • Every 30 minutes a teenager attempts suicide due to bullying.
  • About 47 teens are bullied every five minutes.
  • Victims of cyber bullying show more signs of depression than other bullying victims.
  • Cyber bullying is on the rise in dramatic numbers; it is relentless and more frightening if the bully is anonymous.
  • There are about 282,000 students who are reportedly attacked in high schools in our nation each month.
  • 71 percent of students report bullying as an ongoing problem.
  • “Bullycide” is the new term for suicide as a result of being bullied.
  • Teens in grades 6 through 10 are most likely to be involved in activities related to bullying.
  • Almost half of all students fear harassment or bullying in the bathroom.

Yes, sadly, bullying is not only happening during school time hours. It’s happening any time a child finds himself in front of a laptop or using their cellphone – which is pretty much all the time. It’s important to keep in mind that bullying represents emotional pain not just for the victim – but for the bully themselves. Both “the bully” and “the bullied” are in huge need of extreme emotional support if we are to put an end to this dangerous trend – or at least create a slow and steady shift away from bullying – which I’m personally on a mission to do. In fact – to be direct – I’m on a mission to create a trend in a whole other direction. I’m on a mission to make kindness trendy – and encourage kids to be excited to become rock stars at kindness.

How? My first step in this direction is to start an open and lively conversation with kids about bullying versus kindness. My plan is to start this dialogue via stylishly designed inspirational art work. Below are some the attention-getting anti-bullying posters I’ve begun to create – which will soon be premiering within the Vegas school district ( Clark County School District ) inside school buses as well as in school hallways and classrooms.

( If you’re someone associated with a school who wants to find out how you too can get my anti-bullying campaign in your district, please reach out to me on my contact page by clicking here now. )

I’m also going to be creating a line of goods which inspire kids to feel and do good. Coming soon you will see a wide range of cellphone covers and laptop stickers which promote kids committing to using their cellphones and laptops for kind communication only. Plus, I’ll be offering a range of tee shirts, skate board stickers, sneaker decals, temporary tattoos and more – all of which promote kids becoming rock stars at kindness.


Posters, stickers, tees and more! CLICK HERE to get ’em now!

    Be the friend - Poster De-Stress - Poster Be a kindness rock star - poster
    The only thing we have in common - Poster We're all beautifully different - Poster Vampires Suck - Poster
    Kind girls are the coolest - Poster Look for the good in the bad - Poster Don't blurt what might hurt - Poster
    Don't let anyone burst your bubble - Poster Want to be Awesome? - Poster Time Travel App - Poster
    Kind People are my Kinda People Love me as I am An Ugly Person - Poster
    Permanently Stupid - Poster Cupcake Bully - Poster I can see you - Poster



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      Grab the wallpaper for your phone:
      iphone | iphone4-s | iphone5 | Galaxy Note | Galaxy S 1,2,3 | Droid 3,4



      Posters, stickers, tees and more! CLICK HERE to get ’em now!

        Boost happiness - PosterBoost happiness - PosterBoost happiness - PosterBoost happiness - PosterBoost happiness - PosterBoost happiness - PosterBeing Awesome - PosterTO DO LIST - PosterEnjoy this day - PosterCOLOR WORLD - PosterWORDS POWER - PosterWish fairy - PosterWeird horse awesome - PosterStronger heart - PosterSomeone bad behavior - PosterPast - PosterOctopus shoes journey - PosterRoll with the mess - PosterKindness rockstar - PosterFriends same heart - PosterEmails of gratitude - PosterDitch watch me - PosterDim your light - PosterLove yourself - PosterCool girl fight - PosterPieces of your heart - PosterRipples - Poster



        Posters, stickers, tees and more! CLICK HERE to get ’em now!

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