If you have ever endured the pain of a toxic relationship...
If you have ever suffered from an achy, broken heart...
If you’re presently feeling fear and anxiety around falling in love...

The NEVER AGAIN Program will give you life-changing insights, tools and support – to finally find (and keep) happy, safe-feeling love. You will gain insight into understanding how –  as smart as you are – you have still somehow managed to get your heart broken  – so you can make sure that the heartache, resentment, shame and confusion will NEVER AGAIN occur!

The time has come to stop wasting your heart and time in anger and obsession – re-living the pain of relationships past. The time has come to put your love and time into learning from your mistakes – and getting new tools – so you can successfully find a partner who is far more right for you!

Finding your soulmate doesn’t have to be frustrating and painful.  I will give you tools to end your pattern of feeling fooled, disappointed, hurt and alone - so you can finally find and keep true love.

The NEVER AGAIN Program is a digital course
designed for BOTH men and women, if...

  • You're seeking tools to heal your grief, resentment, heartache and shame.
  • You feel anxious and scared to pursue a new relationship.
  • You have a pattern of asking friends or your therapist, “Is that normal?” about uncomfortable aspects of your relationships.
  • You've chosen partners who make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells.
  • You've chosen partners who don’t make you feel safe to simply be you.
  • You've chosen partners who make you feel like you have to play detective.
  • You have a history of staying in bad relationships for far too long. Instead of 3 strikes and they’re out – you give your partner 3,279 strikes and counting.

If you relate to any of the above, I've got good news!

The NEVER AGAIN Program  not only offers tools for clarity and healing, but also secrets of happy couples, so you know what to newly prioritize when seeking a loving, longterm partner – and how to maintain happy-coupledom once you’ve found them!

What you can expect from the NEVER AGAIN Program:

  • You will gain clarity around your limiting beliefs - so you can say NEVER AGAIN to toxic love.
  • You will learn how to forgive: past childhood incidents, past partners, and yourself.
  • You will find your soulmate - a partner who loves and respects you because you will improve how you love and respect yourself.
  • You will trust your ability to spot a good partner - and trust your ability to attract them.
  • You will have more positive energy to put into your daily goings on because you won’t be distracted by the negative energy-suck of your “complicated” relationship.
  • You will feel confident that your life is (finally) headed in that happily ever after direction you’ve always dreamed of!

"Karen Salmansohn reminds us that in life we are in charge of our own destiny. We have the power to overcome through gratitude, humor and courage."
-Tony Robbins

I personally know how difficult it can be to pick yourself up after a painful romantic fall.

I also know that you’re never too old to find and keep happily ever after love!

My personal love story: How I turned my tale of woe into a tale of wow!

About a decade ago I used to joke that for me all dating should be re-named ‘blind-dating” – and instead of saying I was “seeing someone right now” – I should be more honest, and say, “I’m dimly viewing someone.”

I remember I was once “dimly viewing” this particular guy - who every time I said his name, my girlfriends would sing the theme song to Batman. Not because this man looked great in black Spandex tights. No, no. It was because he was a bad man.

“Dadadadadadada Bad-man! Bad-man!” my girlfriends would sing, right after I’d finish telling a particularly bad Bad-man episode—of which there were many.

Thankfully I eventually developed the inner strength and clarity of mind to leave this toxic relationship.

I recognized, however, just because this particular man was no longer in my life, it didn’t mean my toxic dating tendencies had left too.

I needed to do some self-exploration, and understand why I had this urge to go towards the very relationships I should have been running from!

I knew I wanted to enjoy a happy family life! And time was running out
on my biological clock!

I became determined to turn my crisis pain into crisis fuel – and motivate myself to gain the insights I needed so I’d NEVER AGAIN experience this painful love pattern!

I recognized that since I was in my 40's, if I ever wanted to start a family,  that I needed to make some major changes - so I could finally find and keep a loving, committed partner - who wanted to enjoy a happy family life with me.

I began voraciously researching everything I could on why we develop negative patterns in love - and how to successfully jackhammer down and release our trouble-making limiting beliefs (from childhood, painful break ups, etc)!

I began with reading up on timeless insights from Aristotle, Jung, Freud, Joseph Campbell, etc… I continued forward in time, studying modern psychological experts like John Gottman (who runs The Love Lab), Martin Seligman (a revolutionary leader in positive psychology), Byron Katie (who teaches a method of self-inquiry known as "The Work") and Pema Chodron (an inspiring Buddhist author and disciple of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche). I read a ton of research on how to better recognize and steer clear from sociopaths, narcissists and emotionally unavailable partners. Plus, I gobbled up studies on happy couples – eager to learn what habits they practiced to find and keep happy love!

I’m happy to say that I discovered some life-changing tools – which led me to break my relationship patterns for good – and - finally create the happy family life I’ve always dreamed about! I’m passionate about helping as many people as I can to find and keep happy, safe-feeling love relationships!

A few years ago I shared many of my results-proven love tools in my best selling Prince Harming Syndrome e-book – which was selected as a recommended relationship book on Oprah’s site. Plus the Oprah people loved my relationship tools so much, that they offered me a regular column on their site to share more of my advice for finding and keeping happy love.

Prince Harming Syndrome has already helped many thousands of people to break their bad love patterns for good – and find happy, safe-feeling relationships!

The NEVER AGAIN Program offers
NEW relationship research and
NEW results-proven relationship tools.

The NEVER AGAIN Program offers some of the same results-proven principles I first introduced in my best selling Prince Harming Syndrome e-book –  then builds on that body of knowledge – going deeper and wider. I offer NEW relationship research and NEW results-proven relationship tools. I explore all kinds of relationships – not just ones with Prince Harmings.

Indeed, The NEVER AGAIN Program universally applies to both men and women – single and/or divorced – or even presently in a toxic relationship and needing insights.


The NEVER AGAIN Program is a self-paced digital course - that you can download instantly -
and begin listening to today.

You have indefinite access to the program, and there are no timelines you need to follow. Pick up where you left off later on, and take as long as you like!

Find & Keep Real Deal Love!

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"Karen Salmansohn is an expert on pyschological research studies to help you get to higher levels than your previous bests!" -Tim Ferris

If you don't know me (hi there!) I'm Karen Salmansohn, a best selling author – who's sold over 1 million books. Plus, I'm a columnist for Oprah and Psychology Today. I've been a featured happiness expert on The Today Show, The View, CNN, Fox, and Bill Maher's show.

I’m known for creating inspiring, life-changing, feisty books and programs – “self help for people who wouldn't be caught dead doing self-help!” I’m also an award winning designer – known for my stylishly designed inspirational posters – which have gone viral – and attracted around 300,000 fans on Facebook!

Some quirky insider info: I've shared love tips about men with Madonna. I've swapped writing tips with Goldie Hawn, Deepak Chopra, Peter Guber, and Tony Hsieh. I've enjoyed seeing my work featured by Julian Lennon without me ever sending it him! I'm honored/tickled that Eminem featured my best selling book, How to Be Happy, Dammit in one of his music videos.

Plus I've even talked the art of funny writing with Jon Stewart - who told me how much he loves the humor in my writing. He even gave me an official blurb saying so:

"Karen Salmansohn has the spirit and sass of a stand-up comic." – Jon Stewart

Meaning? The NEVER AGAIN Program is not only a speedier path to becoming a “happy couple,” it’s also the funnest path.

In fact, in the NEVER AGAIN Program  you will be doing a lot of laughing – at yourself and at life   – which I want you to do.  Because getting caught up in self-loathing and negative thinking is like spraying yourself with anti-charisma.

Because I’m a designer as well as a writer, I always love to add stylish graphics to whatever motivational project I’m working on. I’m a big believer that a “spoonful of eye candy helps the self help medicine go down.”

Join now and you'll receive:

4 different 60 – 90-minute virtual classes

Neuroscientific studies show people learn and retain information better when words are mixed with images.  With this in mind, the NEVER AGAIN Program's webinars are loaded up with stylishly designed slides – as I share my research, insights and tools with you.

Recordings you can watch, listen to and download whenever you want!

The NEVER AGAIN Program is a previously recorded program. I've made it easy for you to listen to it whenever you want. You can listen to the audio portion of the replays with any iDevice via iTunes. And you can watch the webinars (with the slide presentation along with the audio) on any kind of computer!

Love Fuel Posters

I will give you 30 days worth of uplifting Love Fuel Posters  - to motivate you to turn your Crisis Pain into Crisis Fuel – and ultimately into what I call “Love Fuel”! Your month's supply of Love Fuel Posters will help to ensure that nothing will break through your resolve to heal the past so you can find and keep happily ever after love! Feel free to print these Love Fuel Posters out and keep them close by for an instant pep talk!

Inner Circle Coaching Calls

I believe it’s very healing and cathartic to hear other people’s personal stories of love, loss and insights gained – so you know you’re not alone in some of the love challenges you’ve been dealing with! I’m thereby including in The NEVER AGAIN Program two different recordings of “Inner Circle Coaching Calls” – where I read personal emails, then share heart-felt, empowering coaching advice.  I originally chose to hold these sessions on Friday’s, because I’m a big believer it’s helpful to head into dating on the weekends with extra support. However you can listen to these previously recorded sessions whenever you want! My goal: Give you “real life tools” to help you to finally make that needed shift from  “Oh no! NOT AGAIN!” to “NEVER AGAIN!”

Our four week program, week by week:

  • 1

    Week 1 Focus: INSIGHT, HEALING and TRUST

    You’ll gain insight into the psychology of sociopaths, narcissists, cheaters, liars, the emotionally unavailables, the hot-and-colders – the full gamut of those who are "troubled" or "downright trouble"! But we won’t stop there – because if you're going to change the pattern, it’s not only about them - it’s also about YOU. You must gain clarity around your limiting beliefs which have allowed you to let the troubled and the trouble into your life - so you can say NEVER AGAIN to toxic love. Plus, you must heal your wounds - let go of the pain and anxiety you feel around relationships. You must create new beliefs - which support you feeling stronger, more self-loving, and more confident in your ability to find healthy love.

Our Week 1 Mission: Be able to know and identify (before you are in too deep), those who can only deliver drama and pain into your life.  Further, you’ll begin to understand yourself more deeply – and understand why you’ve been so attracted to the “bad ones”-  in spite of genuinely wanting a loving, nurturing relationship.  You will begin to feel safe – in spite of what you’ve been through – because you will begin to understand how you can make sure it will never happen again.

  • 2


    This is crux week! This week you’ll discover how to disconnect from “them,” from the “situation” – and even from the “old you.” I will empower you to seek out a triumvirate of forgiveness, meaning and purpose – in all that you’ve been through. You will begin to view it all as an “assignment” – helping you to grow yourself and grow your life. As you break free from the old patterns and bonds, you’ll have the opportunity to construct new ways of thinking and choosing. This is the inner change that leads to outer change.

Our Week 2 Mission: This is the week where the the alchemy happens – and Crisis Pain becomes Crisis Fuel – energizing you to go further in your life than you might have gone without the challenge you faced. I call this “Finding The Blesson” – when you’re able to view painful lessons as a blessing in disguise. I will be giving you empowering tools for forgiveness of self, other, the situation – all of it. I will be giving you tools to find and embrace Meaning and Purpose – which together will serve as a catalyst for a new start – aiming you down a new path – one which leads to more fulfilling and longer-lasting love.

  • 3

    Week 3 Focus: FINDING LOVE

    This week the focus is on finding love through develop stronger clarity on what you really want to feel and experience in a relationship.That sounds obvious and simple, but it’s not. In fact, failure to clearly identify and claim what you want, is the #1 reason for not having it! This clarity of vision for what’s possible will give you the fuel to stay full of FAITH, to stay strong in your resolve to hold to the new choices and pattern.

Our Week 3 Mission: I'm a big believer that the more you can hold a "happy vision" for what you want for your life, the easier it is to aim yourself at where the most happiness can be found. For this reason, during Week 3 I will support you in getting crystal clear on what you want in relationships, so you recognize it when it shows up – because it will show up! I will give you helpful vetting tools - so you can better recognize “deal breakers” from “deal benders” – which is a nice way of saying I will help you to make sure you wisely steer your heart far away from sociopaths, narcissists – and all those other previously tempting love choices!

  • 4

    Week 4 Focus: KEEPING LOVE

    It’s not just enough to find a good partner, you have to do what you can to maintain a good partnership. I will share with you the secrets of happy couples – because, hey, love at 1st sight is easy – it’s love at 1,000,0001st sight that’s challenging! I will give you a range of research-based strategies to both find and maintain happy coupledom! For example, I’ll provide you with tools for recognizing and formulating Good Compromise and rejecting Bad Compromise. You’ll learn conflict strategies that build communication bridges.

Our Week 4 Mission:  You will garner the tools to keep moving forward into a happily ever after horizon with your sweetie – no matter the bumps which might greet you along the road ahead! Plus, I’ll show you how to make sure you keep self-loving yourself – be a fuel source for your own self-love. And because the nature of human relationships is “change,” you’ll learn how to more deeply honor your “inner boundaries” - as you and your partner support one another's individual evolutions. Although this might sound like serious stuff – this week is super fun! I’ll be sharing tools to keep the playfulness, romance and oxytocin alive!

Toxic Love Stops Here.
Happy Relationships Start Now.

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I believe much of the pain of a breakup comes from having a life plan that you have fallen in love with. When it does not work out, you become angry that you now have to pursue a new life plan. But if you ever want to tame your inner demons, you must consciously choose never to become too attached to any particular life plan — and always remain open to the idea that there might be an even better life plan for you. In fact, in my life I’ve often discovered than my Plan B’s are even better than my Plan A’s. (Ditto with my Plan C’s!) Basically, a bad breakup is never meant to teach you “I’ll never fall in love again.” It’s meant to teach you more about what you want and don't want in a relationship — and how to better recognize healthy love - and maintain it!

You must view your life with what I call “kindsight.” Instead of slapping your forehead and asking “What was I thinking?” you must breathe and ask the kinder question, “What was I learning?”

The NEVER AGAIN Program will give you some
very empowering answers to some
very courageous questions:

  • How did I get here – at this age – alone, hurt, confused, non-trusting?
  • What did I miss in the vetting process that I allowed someone soooo not-right-for-me and/or toxic to enter into my life?
  • What is wounded inside me that I chose to stay with this person for as long as I did?
  • How can I grow from my love experiences – so they don’t keep repeating?
  • Do I want to make my life story about how I was a victim in love – or how I became a victor in love?

If you are ready – really ready – to find your happily-ever-after love, the NEVER AGAIN Program is for you!

"Karen Salmansohn packs a library’s worth of proven insights into all she does. For anyone mired in the dumps – or who just wants to live more joyfully – Karen’s for you!" -Gretchen Rubin

Toxic Love Stops Here.
Happy Relationships Start Now.

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If you’re ready to give up on finding love – and you’re not even sure
you can think about starting another relationship – then you MUST
rile yourself up for The NEVER AGAIN Program! The info I share will
truly help you to finally find and keep the real deal love you deserve!

It’s time to REFUSE to
lead a settle-for-it life!