Do you have a book idea brewing? A mission stewing? Something powerful and important eating you up inside trying to get out?

Let Karen help you Pillage and Conquer the Blocks so You Can Get-Un-Stuck!

Award-winning creative virtuoso Karen Salmansohn wants to help you to PILLAGE AND CONQUER your “big idea” business or book – with her famed PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM.

Karen Salmansohn - Praise from ProsYou’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in an empowering program that will give you the tools you need to break free from creative blocks, humdrum marketing, Focus Deficit Disorder, indecision mania, limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and analysis paralysis – or whatever is stopping you from moving forward as your most powerful, happy, productive and successful self:  Karen’s PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM

Karen’s acclaimed PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM  has helped many brilliant-but-stuck people – just like you – flourish and thrive in their business and/or with their books.

Working with Karen is like getting “creativity insurance” that your business/book/service will be packaged to be at its most magnetic-best for attracting passionate fans, eager clients, and abundant sales. After all, it’s not just what you got, it’s how you package it!  Forgettable book titles, forgettable website copy, forgettable graphics, forgettable packaging of any kind –  you can just forget it!

You’ve got to be memorable and relevant and remarkable to cut through the noise so people pay attention and sing your praises.   In fact, you may have arrived at this page already having heard rave reviews from friends, colleagues, family, loved-ones etc about the PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM.

With this in mind, we recognize those people may not need to read anymore info. You’re simply eager to put your name on one of the limited number of Pillage and Conquer spots Karen reserves each month by signing up ASAP.  So, we’re including a handy order button right here – so – you can invest $729 now (or 2 payments of $394.45) and get Pillaging and Conquering right away!  

If you’re not happy with what you’re getting, maybe you need a whole new plan. Karen Salmansohn offers you one. Start now! – Seth Godin, NYTimes Best Selling Author, Marketing Linchpin

  Please note: Karen is h.o.t. in demand, and spaces fill quickly!   Get the best value and pay in full – $729.00 – or spread your investment over 2 months.

Pillage & Conquer - Karen Salmansohn

Karen Salmansohn merges psychology and cutting-edge research with her unique feisty humor to empower you to push through limiting beliefs and zoom towards your goals! She’s a rockstar at igniting your sense of what’s possible, then sharing the tools to get you there.” – Jonathan Fields, entrepreneur + author Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance

Oh – and if you want to give a PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM as a thoughtful gift to someone you’re rooting for to succeed in a huge and happy way, simply make your purchase, then email Karen a note via her contact page letting her know your purchase was a gift for someone else. Be sure to include the full name and email address of the gift recipient. Karen will announce the PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM gift with a gorgeous e-card.

If you’re new to hearing about Karen’s famed PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM and curious to hear more info about why this program has become so popular, scroll on down.

Below you will find the following:

Poster - Don't be a wuss1. Case Study #1: Karen will tell you how she can help you get that book published.

2. Case Study #2: Karen will tell you how she can help you create a more powerful brand and a viral social media presence.

3. The methodology behind Karen’s Pillage & Conquer Program

4. Karen’s consulting fee – in general – with and without the PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM.



GABBY IMAGE P&C!!!Gabrielle Bernstein came to me with a problem. She wanted to be an inspirational book author – but after a few years of pitching a book proposal titled “Falling In Love With Your Future,” she still hadn’t gotten a publishing deal. She was getting pretty frustrated (as you may be able to imagine).

Anyway, at the time I had a 5-mornings-a-week global radio show on Sirius Radio called “Be Happy Dammit.”  I was about to create a twice-monthly 3-minute segment called, “Add More Ing To Your Life” – inspired by these words in a paragraph in my Bounce Back Book. But I had so much I was working on, I offered Gabby the opportunity to do the short segments.

It worked. So after a few, I suggested she create a book with this title.  My sense was that the reason her agent had not sold “Falling In Love With Your Future” was because her title was a bit “ho-hum” and “old school” for the younger hip generation she was seeking to reach. Plus her book idea I felt was too general -not specific enough to be summed up quickly in a way that would hook a publisher and captivate an audience.

So I tossed her a “million dollar idea”: use the fun and feisty title Add More Ing To Your Life – and its specifically narrow-focused  message – to appeal to her audience – and thereby to publishers.

That was good, but there’s more…

One night I wound up meeting the president of Berlitz Publishing over french fries while at a local restaurant with my friend Kathlin Argiro. He invited me to pitch book ideas to a new book division he was starting: QNY.  I wound up selling him “Prince Harming Syndrome.” While at a meeting with editors, I asked what other types of books they were looking for. They told me “self-help for the younger generation.”

DING!  I called Gabby and said, “I think I finally found you your publisher.”  Gabby was still pretty attached to “Falling In Love With Your Future.” I set up the meeting, and Gabby chose to pitch this book – and the editor passed.  So I coached Gabby to do something unconventional. I coached her not to let this failure (or time) get in her way of a book deal. I explained how she must do a quick call with the editor  – as soon as possible – to tell her about the book with the more high-concept content and more catchy title: Add More Ing To Your Life.

She did…and the rest is “publishing” and “how to get on Oprah” history.  Gabby has said my helping her to get her first book sold was a “turning point” in her career – and – she’s referred to my help as a “miracle” of sorts – because this happened in 2009 – which she describes as “a time the recession had us in a headlock,” “fear and uncertainty were at an all-time high,” and “nearly every industry was negatively affected.”



KS -hale-mediaAndrew Hale came to me with a problem. His website for his law firm was so jam-packed with info, it didn’t clearly inform what his law firm did – which was specialize in defending police officers in some of the biggest police misconduct cases in the country.  He’s hot stuff in his field but his website made him look scattered, unorganized, and unprofessional.

Creative problem-solving to the rescue!  First I jacked-up the design of his site to create a visually compelling and easy to read layout.  I made sure it appealed to his target audience (the police) by making his site an appealing “royal police blue” and by creating a wildly popular section called “Hug A Cop.”  Then I gave the copy a thorough interrogation that resulted in a complete re-write of his site – so his “brand differentiator” was powerfully clear.

As a Bonus I masterminded an organization he now runs – called “Whole Truth Project” – which serves to counter  an organization that Andy often finds himself defending his police clients against in court.

Finally we applied the right levers to his social-media presence, creating what has become a crazy popular Facebook fanpage for Andy – which has quickly reached 25,000 passionate fans.  Plus Facebook analytics reports Andy’s FB page often reaches 750,000 to 1,500,000 people a week!  Added bonus: The success of Andy’s page has not only improved his ability to attract new clients far more easily, it’s also garnered him a spot on a TV show: Crime Stoppers. CLICK HERE TO SEE ANDY’S SITE. AND… CLICK HERE TO SEE ANDY’S FACEBOOK PAGE.

What is Karen’s methodology for the PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM?

poster-mildly wildly1. It begins with your PILLAGE AND CONQUER Workshop Worksheet – which gives you the step-by-step to really jackhammer-drill-down the project you want to focus on (brand, book, service, etc) in a thoroughly insightful and brand new way – answering a wide range of revealing questions about your present mission, strategies, target audience, “back story” on what’s keeping you back, priorities with your website, (b)lame excuses, fears, needs, vulnerabilities, strengths, patterns, plans, etc. Karen asks you to dig deep – but this worksheet is fun. Many clients have even referred to it later as “The Fun Sheet”!

2. After you whisk her your answers, Karen gets down to business – the business of your business – devoting up to 2 hours learning lots and lots about you and your Big Idea – and brainstorming empowering ideas tailored specifically for your mission, passion and strengths.

3. Then it’s time for your 1-hour one-one-one session with Karen, where she’ll share her many insights and creative ideas – and together you’ll pillage and conquer whatever has been keeping you stuck.  By the end of what could be the most empowering hour you have ever experienced, you will have uncovered blind spots, and according to your requested needs, received a range of content ideas, visual ideas, creative ideas, marketing ideas, social media ideas, plus have a list of focused next steps.

“Salmansohn is a powerhouse of a business woman, succeeding in a competitive industry. Her insights are right on and universally valuable for people in all kinds of careers, and in all phases of their career.” – Keith Krach, Founder and former CEO of Ariba

What might you expect to happen in your empower-hour?

First and foremost you can expect to set up your goals more clearly – and match them to the market. Remember Gabby’s problem?  She thought she wanted to publish one book – but the market didn’t want that book.  Gabby had to change her goal to break through her block to getting published.

Some sample goals you might have include:

  • an awe-some new logo idea
  • more magnetic tag line and/or short text “zingers” to enliven your marketing items
  • a more captivating book title or a new idea for a book proposal that really lands
  • a unique website idea with a captivating look that turns your audience into rabid fans and raving customers
  • more “authentically you” marketing for a more “authentically you”-sized bank account
  • social media campaigns that really can go viral
  • a new soul-satisfying opportunity to aim yourself at — as well helpful guidance for creating an actionable plan to implement suggestions.

NOTE: It’s up to you what we focus on – which you can tell Karen more about in your PILLAGE AND CONQUER questionnaire.


Ready to start pillaging and conquering?  There’s no time like now to start creating a vibrant, fulfilling business, service or book that excites your mind and spirit – while magnetically attracting copious customers!

Best value: pay in full – $729.00.


Invest over 2 months – $394.45/month

Pillage & Conquer - Karen Salmansohn

Want to find your inner brand and monetize it – build your growing empire – or write that damn book? Karen Salmansohn will wow you with her creativity and business insights and help empower you to reach your goals! – Stella Grizont, Managing Director Ladies Who Launch

What’s Karen’s hourly fee – without the PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM?

If you want to hire Karen for ongoing consulting either after or in lieu of the Pillage and Conquer, her hourly fee is $400.00 an hour, and there’s a 3-hour minimum.  You may purchase a 3-hour block of consulting time now if you like by getting in touch.

However, if you say yes to Pillage and Conquer now and want to ADD ON a bit more one-on-one power-time with Karen for an accelerated Pillage and Conquer experience, you can do that two ways:

1) Pillage and Conquer Full Dominion Version includes everything listed here PLUS 2 extra hours of one-on-one power-time to do with as you will!  Achieve Full Dominion of your project or brand for just $1497 ($2000 Value!)    Click to sign up for Pillage and Conquer Full Dominion 

2) A Pillage and Conquer Global Empire Builder VIP Day in New York City.  This exclusive opportunity includes:

  • Dinner with Karen the evening before your VIP Day for casual getting to know each other time. As Karen has mentioned in her TEDx talk, fun is a high performance fuel! And so FUN is how Karen starts and leads this VIP one-on-one time together.
  • The Pillage and Conquer Worksheet plus Karen Getting Down to Business with Your Business before your meeting
  • A full 8 hours Pillaging and Conquering your gremlins and blocks to realizing your Big Vision – in Karen’s downtown office – in New York’s creative epicenter: the Village!
  • Dinner, Breakfast and lunch during your VIP session.

An application is required for the VIP Day.  Please click here for more information and to submit your application online or to request more information about this exclusive program. Click for the Online Application

Poster stand outIt’s time to do something to stand out from the crowd. Get innovative! The world is constantly changing! Don’t forget to change with it!

Nowadays both companies and individuals must constantly reinvent who they are and adapt with risky innovativations to stay thriving and successful! Plus companies and individuals need to keep on changing not only because the world is changing – but because the world has gotten even more crowded with competition!

These days, safety is the new dangerous! Safety is the new STUPID!  You gotta WOW or DIE! Happily, you don’t need to work longer hours to increase your success. You just need to work smarter, more innovative hours!

Don’t wait to Pillage and Conquer the Creative Blocks, the Stinky Thinking, and the Not Knowing that is keeping you from being the super-star you know you are.

Pillage & Conquer - Karen Salmansohn

Why Karen?

KS - karen face beachKaren started off her career in advertising and became a Senior Vice President Creative Director in her twenties – even winning a coveted CLIO in her first 6 months in the ad business. Since then, Karen’s been brought in as a creative consultant and brand strategist for companies (big and small) – as well as individuals (of various professions) – helping them to create highly remarkable brands – which then become highly marketable brands! Some of the big companies Karen’s brand-stormed for include: Kodak, American Express, Haagen Dazs, Close up, Colgate, Motrin, Avon, Revlon, L’Oreal, MTV, Nickelodeon, E!, and then some.

Karen has written, designed and sold over 30 different books to the top publishing houses in the country – with about 2 million copies of her books sold nationally and internationally to her passionate and growing fan base – which includes 100,000 Facebook fans and nearly 30,000 Twitter followers (as of March 2013).  Facebook analytics reports Karen’s Facebook page reaches between 1 million to as high as 12 million people per week due in part to the viral nature of her“Instant Happy” posters. Plus, Karen has helped other prominent authors and thought leaders get their books written, designed and published – and helped them to create a highly viral social media presence as well.

Karen’s been written up for her business savvy and best selling books  in Fast Company, Business Week, NYTimes, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, LA Times, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Time Magazine – and then some.  

“Karen Salmansohn is a big brain in high heels.” – Goldie Hawn, actress and founder The Hawn Foundation

If you’ve been reading all this while mulling over the idea of the PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM and are now ready to start Pillaging and Conquering, just do it why don’t ya’!  Pillage and Conquer – Yes 

Best Selling Author • Over 1 million books Sold • Oprah Columnist • Brand Consultant • Motivational Speaker • Proud Mommy

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