Enough, Dammit

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THE IDEA FOR ENOUGH, DAMMIT: To create the first and only self-help book to use playful, easy-to-understand analogies and graphics to explain serious, complicated life theories (from Cognitive Therapy, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Biology, Eastern Philosophy, Darwinism, Quantum Physics, the Zen of Enchiladas…and then some) so it’s actually fun to FINALLY figure how to take control of your swerving, careening life.

Thank you for your gift of writing! I have been going through such a difficult time the past couple of weeks – breaking up with a boyfriend, trying to find a life meaning, etc. My friend in Puerto Rico had picked up your book, “Enough, Dammit” and gave it to me thinking it’s a cute, funny little book. It IS a cute, funny little book … and it changed my world! Your humor and insight helped me really stop and begin to integrate many of the things I’m learning and already know. I don’t think I can express just how deeply meaningful each life lesson has been to me….I can only express to you my gratitude that you have given me this wonderful inspiration to know and remember that all will be ok…but of course!
– Rose

Hello, Karen! I just happened to work for a store which sells your books. (Or two of them, at least.) And I’ve passed them many times without looking inside, thinking that if I picked it up I would’ve automatically been a self-proclaimed cynic. After all, How to be Happy, Dammit was a cynic’s guide to happiness. However, the moment I picked it up, I couldn’t stop reading it, even if I was at work (of course with no customers) and I enjoyed and absorbed (and currently trying to apply) everything that was written in your book. A few months ago, we started carrying your Enough, Dammit book. I loved it, too. I guess I could relate so much to it because I studied cognitive therapy and Freud and Carl Jung. Now added to it is Ralph and Bazooka Joe and the Zen of Enchiladas. We studied how important schemata were and all that. I guess I was only half-listening to my professor back then. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your work. Amazingly I woke up today and got your book and read it for the nth time. Usually that happens when I start going into a pessimistic mood. For somebody as young as myself, I’m glad I got into your “Not Salmon” philosophy early. Thanks so much!
– Angelica Garcia, Anaheim, CA

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