GUT: How To Think From The Middle To Get To The Top

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If you want to score extreme business success, it’s important to recognize the big difference between being knowledgeable versus being wise.

A knowledgeable person gathers vast amounts of information – then memorizes, number crunches and reports.


A knowledgeable person values knowing and showing book smarts—but doesn’t value gut smarts and street smarts.

In contrast, a wise person not only recognizes the importance of gathering information –  but goes one step beyond. A wise person also merges their knowledge with gut instincts – thereby thinking from both sides of their brain!

Throughout the pages of this book, I’ll be teaching you how to be wise—and think from both sides of your brain – so you can double your present success levels.

As a turn-around coach, I prioritize teaching my clients how to better improve their intuition for many reasons—the top three being:

  1. The world has sped up. Learning how to better trust your gut helps you make wiser quick decisions.
  2. The world has become more cluttered. Leaning to trust your gut helps you to wisely narrow your focus on the most relevant facts to act on.
  3. The world relies too much on focus groups. Learning to trust your gut helps you make sure these meetings don’t turn into de-focus groups.

Right now I want you to think about one of your worst “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” business blunders.

Got it? Be honest with yourself. Did you know in your gut what you should have done—but you didn’t listen to your instincts? If so, why not?

dammit-intuition-300Was it because you were:

  1. overthinking an inevitable abundance of information until you were completely overwhelmed?
  2. under-thinking a voluminous amount of information by letting others sway your views, relying on experts, colleagues and focus groups?

Either way, you weren’t:

  1. fully thinking with all of your brain.

You must include intuition as a valid form of perception that can take you beyond your regular linear-logic capabilities.

When you don’t trust your gut – and choose to over-think or under-think –  you wind up being wrongly influenced by some combination of:

poster everything energy(a) fear
(b) worry
(c) self-doubt
(d) pressure
(e) overreliance on others
(f) overreliance on linear thinking
(g) overreliance on number crunching

Which is too bad, because many of the wisest business decisions only come when you wisely trust your gut and thereby have:

1. the intuitive courage to go against status quo and group opinion
2. the intuitive foresight to see a new market even before it’s obviously emerged
3. the intuitive trust in yourself to try a hitherto untried opportunity
4. the intuitive ability to tap into a client’s most relevant priorities/needs/values—before they become a client’s biggest problems
5. an intuitive strong sense for what your highest priorities/needs/values may be

In my own writing career—and when I am coaching individuals and corporations on how to better increase productivity and innovation—I always make it a priority to spend time listening to the gut.

Indeed, I’ve gotten so adept at rapidly “sensing” things that people are always teasingly call me psychic. I immediately correct them, explaining I don’t have ESP (extrasensory perception). I just know how to tap into my SP (sensory perception).

FACT: Intuition is not about seeing into the future. It’s about seeing into the present.

FACT: Being more in the NOW = being more in the KNOW.

With the help of this book, I will teach you how to be more in “in the now” so you can better use your gut!

POSTER INTUITION TOLD MEI’ve already given all these gut-building techniques to the individuals and corporations that I coach one-on-one and in my seminars—so I know from consistent feedback just how highly effective these techniques are for honing your gut instincts to incredibly high levels.

Indeed, these gut-building techniques have worked so exceptionally well with my clients that it was actually my clients who encouraged me to write this book. These tried-and-true techniques will hopefully encourage more people to believe more in the potent powers of trusting the wisdom of the gut!

I promise you that if you follow my gut-building techniques you too will reap the following rewards:

1. recognize a winner business idea from a loser business idea
2. recognize the good guys from the bad guys
3. recognize how to motivate people better
4. recognize what you should/shouldn’t reveal in a meeting
5. recognize the difference between “overanalyzing” and “wisely analyzing”
6. become your own favorite expert opinion
7. experience more synchronicity… lucky coincidences
8. stop wasting time and energy on inappropriate thoughts and actions
9. increase creativity and imagination
10. increase confidence in risk-taking
11. resolve complicated situations in a quicker, more inspired manner
12. distinguish intuition from the urge to act from fear, doubt, desire

IN SUMMARY: Psychologists call people who are in unusually close contact with their gut feelings “high intuitives.” If you use the techniques I offer to hone and harness your gut, you too can become a high intuitive—and thereby achieve a higher level of success.


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