The Hate Loss Plan

a 1 hour audio workshop to help you to forgive the seemingly unforgivable

Are you struggling with anger and bitterness due to:

  • childhood pain

  • broken relationships

  • toxic friendships

  • rejection, failure, disappointments

Imagine what it would feel like to finally let go of all that heavy emotional weight? Maybe you’ve already tried – but can’t figure out how to truly forgive and forget.

KNOW THIS NOW: Forgiveness is possible – and it is essential to your happiness – as well as your physical health. (Consistently studies show how angry people are more vulnerable to various illnesses.)

I’ve developed a series of “Forgiveness Tools” which have helped many thousands of people to finally lose the weight of their hate – and gain inner peace and emotional freedom!


  • how to cut the “emotional cord connection” that keeps hate alive

  • what forgiveness actually is (Note: it might not be what you think!)

  • how to move through old stories and turn your tale of woe into a tale of wow

  • how blame and shame are a dangerous duo

  • why self-forgiveness is just as important as forgiving your offender

  • how to see the person who hurt you with a combo of indifference and compassion

  • how to deal with toxic people in your present

  • how to stop reacting in the same old ways when people harm you

  • how & why forgiveness will change your life – in all areas!

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