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Hold The Vision. Trust The Process.

Hold the Vision.

Drop the excuses.

Remember your why.

Swerve around obstacles.

Trust the process.


    Kind people benefit from 3 out of 3 of the top happiness determinators – plus a range of other rewards for being kind

    Have you taken a look at some of the many newfangled beverage names: Get Smart Juice, Passion Power, Muscle Mania, Skinny Water.

    So many juices promising so many benefits!

    But nobody makes Compassion Cocktail or Niceness Nectar or Kindness Power!

    Nobody makes a juice which makes you nicer or more considerate, or offers up the potential for building up a bigger, warmer heart!

    I know what you’re thinking: Maybe the manufacturers just can’t make it!

    But, I’m betting if there were money to be made in Compassion Cocktail, Niceness Nectar or Kindness Power, companies would find a way to make that juice. Besides, are you really sure any [...]


      Being highly thoughtful brings peace. Being overly full of thoughts brings stress.

      This explains why you should have a regular meditation practice!

      I offer fun meditation videos over at NotsalmonTV – which are great for beginners or advanced meditators – even kids! 

      Click here to check ‘em out!


        Nothing is ever as good or bad as it first appears!

        I believe mornings are your trajectory for the rest of your day! It’s very important to use your a.m. to aim yourself towards where the most joy, love and happiness are to be found! It’s essential to take even a mere 60 seconds to breathe and get back in touch with your core values, passions and mission for your life. This is why I’ve created the “Happy Dammit Daily,” where every Monday through Friday (the days we need it most), I deliver one of my inspirational “posters” right to your email box -for free! Click here to sign up – [...]


          A Random Act Of Umbrella Kindness

          So a few months ago I was working in a café near my son’s daycare. When I left the café to pick up my son, it was raining cats and dogs. Or rather, panthers and pitbulls – because we’re talking some powerful, juicy raindrops here! Happily I had my son’s hooded raincoat in his daycare locker – and a hood of my own on my jacket. But – I had zippo umbrella.  When I picked him up, I immediately hooded us both up – then headed home as quickly as I could. I had barely strollered us a few feet down the [...]


            I choose…

             I choose:
            to live by choice -and not habit, chance, or limiting beliefs.
            to be useful, not used.
            to grow my self-esteem, instead of feeding my self-pity.
            to give my intuition more voting power.
            to compete with myself, and focus on my progress – instead of competing with others.
            to make decisions inspired by love, not fear.
            to let go of people, habits, thoughts and memories which are not serving my happiness or growth.
             Are you with me? 
            Feel free to pass the positivity forward!



              You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince but no need to kiss the pigs and dogs.

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