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11 Secrets of Happy Couples

Want to enjoy a happy, safe-feeling, committed love relationship? Check out the tools in my OPRAH.com recommended Prince Harming Syndrome. I offer free excerpts too! Click here now! For a limited time Prince Harming Syndrome is discounted – to only $9.99 – as a convenient ebook – you can download onto your computer or ipad, Kindle, Nook – anywhere you can read a PDF– and you can start reading it right away! Grab it now – while it’s still discounted! More info, an FAQ and praise can be found by clicking here now!

I’d love to hear your insights on the [...]


    A good relationship makes you feel safe and loved. You shouldn’t need to play detective. -Prince Harming Syndrome

    Surprise: The top feeling a relationship should inspire is “safety.” Even before you feel true love itself. Why? Without safety, you will never arrive at feeling true love—because you won’t allow yourself to be vulnerable enough for true intimacy.

    Important Reminder:  In a good relationship your partner should  WANT to make you feel both safe and loved. He should even feel happy to do what he can to make sure you feel this way.

    Many women prioritize finding a partner who is sexy, smart, successful, funny. Well, I recommend adding “embraces high integrity character values” onto this list – and then [...]


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        How important is lust and hot sex in a love relationship?

        In PRINCE HARMING SYNDROME I include many of the timeless philosophies of Aristotle (as well as cutting edge modern research on successful relationships). According to Aristotle, the soul needs passion — the soul needs to be stimulated with sensory pleasures to be happy. But hot sex is the means to the ends of happiness — not the ultimate ends. The ultimate ends of a happy life is to grow into your best possible self. With this in mind, A Happily Ever After Love Relationship serves 2 functions:

        1.“den of pleasure”—for fun, companionship, sex,
        laughter, etc.—which you as a human need—so you
        can keep [...]


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