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Happiness Tip From My 4 Month Old Son

My 4 month old son Ari was crying when I tried to seatbelt him into his stroller.

I told him, “This is a good thing! You’re being strapped into your ADVENTURE MACHINE. You’re off on an adventure where you’ll see new things!”

Although Ari’s only 4 months, and can’t speak fluent human, he stopped crying!

I then wondered: “How might I relabel the scary or annoying things in my life, so I can refocus on their positive aspects?”

This is a terrific question to ask yourself as you go through your day. It’s a helpful fear and annoyance neutralizer!

(Note 1: This cool looking stroller above is made by Chicco’s.)

(Note 2: The cool looking kid above is co-created by me and his Great Neck daddy – through the miracle of IVF, when we were happily engaged. If you’re a woman in your 40’s, there’s hope!)

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    In case you’ve been wondering why I hadn’t been writing as much in 2010, here’s why – my beautiful son Ari Remy!

    Yep, I’m now a newbie mommy, thanks to a successful IVF!  My son, Ari Remy, is now a little over 4 months old — and these days, he wakes up every day giggling. So, although I might be getting less sleep, I’m happy to wake up each day giggling with my son! The photo attached here was taken today – but he was born with that full mane of hair! A few of my friends think Ari looks a lot like his Great Neck daddy! I kinda think so too…

    Although my pregnancy started off with lots of challenging times, I’m facing forward, enjoying the journey of getting to know my sweet son, and getting back to my full writing schedule in 2011! Be on the look out for a new website and more books – coming soon!


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