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Happiness Tip From My 4 Month Old Son

My 4 month old son Ari was crying when I tried to seatbelt him into his stroller.
I told him, “This is a good thing! You’re being strapped into your ADVENTURE MACHINE. You’re off on an adventure where you’ll see new things!”
Although Ari’s only 4 months, and can’t speak fluent human, he stopped crying!
I then wondered: “How might I relabel the scary or annoying things in my life, so I can refocus on their positive aspects?”
This is a terrific question to ask yourself as you go through your day. It’s a helpful fear and annoyance neutralizer!
(Note 1: This cool looking stroller […]


    In case you’ve been wondering why I hadn’t been writing as much in 2010, here’s why – my beautiful son Ari Remy!

    Yep, I’m now a newbie mommy, thanks to a successful IVF!  My son, Ari Remy, is now a little over 4 months old — and these days, he wakes up every day giggling. So, although I might be getting less sleep, I’m happy to wake up each day giggling with my son! The photo attached here was taken today – but he was born with that full mane of hair! A few of my friends think Ari looks a lot like his Great Neck daddy! I kinda think so too…

    Although my pregnancy started off with lots of challenging times, I’m […]


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