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Happiness Tip For Busy People

This new poster was created as a team effort with my design intern Colleen Reinhart! (Thanks Colleen!) It’s a quote from my book ENOUGH DAMMIT which you can find out more about by clicking HERE!

I chose this quote – because I often think about it when I find myself thinking about my past too much. It stops me immediately – because it’s so damn true. We are not our past failures! We are only what we do right now in the present moment!  And this philosophy ties in very much with my LAW OF SUBTRACTION philosophy – which is the title of my upcoming seminar – in 5 days – this Saturday!

I believe if you really want to attract more love into your life, you must first subtract what is holding you back. This means letting go of anger, resentment, fear, self-doubt, negativity – and then some!

I absolutely believe that by letting go of what is weighing you down, you can move forward towards what you want much more easily!

I wrote about this subject on Oprah.com. Now I’m turning it into an exciting event which you can come to in person if you live in NYC – or come to by computer via USTREAM no matter where you live!


On Feb 12th – from 2 to 4 – I’ll be offering this fun and life-changing LAW OF SUBTRACTION event with the inspiring Natalia Petrzela (Premier Intensati Leader and Lululemon Ambassador). It’s a combo of work out and workshop – guiding you to let go of what is not working for you – so you can get more of what you desire and deserve!

Find out more info – and get tickets – by going here NOW:


AND ONCE AGAIN – If you don’t live in New York City – we’re presently creating a USTREAM tele-event – so you can join in no matter where you live! Tickets for USTREAM SIGN-UP can be arranged by writing to me at karen – followed by that funny little a in a circle – then notsalmon – then a com – and put LAW OF SUBTRACTION in subject box!

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