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Want to get your book published or create a breakthrough brand?

I’m guessing if you’re reading my blog, then you already know I’m a (best selling) author and (award winning) designer. Maybe you even know I’ve sold over 1 million books.

But did you know that I’m a creative consultant and brand strategist for companies (big and small) – as well as individuals (of various professions) – helping them to create highly remarkable brands – which then become highly marketable brands!  Plus I help people to get their books published! (For more about my background click this line now!)

I mostly consult with people and companies through a program I’ve created called my PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM.

If you want 2013 to be your happiest year ever, I’d love to help you to create a career you love – with results you’re psyched about! If you’re ready to create a breakthrough brand or get that book published, click here now to find out more about my PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM.  The info is up on my “HAPPINESS REBOOT” page – in the “READ MORE” area! (And if you’re ready right now to pillage and conquer, write to me via my contact page now and I’ll get you all set up and raring to go! Click here to be whisked to my contact page! )

QUICK CASE STUDY #1: HOW I CAN HELP YOU TO GET THAT BOOK PUBLISHED!: Gabby Bernstein came to me with a problem. She wanted to be an inspirational book author – but after a few years of pitching a book proposal titled “Falling In Love With Your Future,” she still hadn’t gotten a publishing deal. At the time I had a 5 mornings a week Sirius radio show called “Be Happy Dammit.” I was about to create a twice-monthly 3 minute-segment called “Add More Ing To Your Life” – inspired by a paragraph in my Bounce Back Book. But I had so much I was working on, I offered Gabby the opportunity to do these short segments. After a few, I suggested she create a book with this title. I thought that perhaps the reason her agent had not sold “Falling In Love With Your Future” was because her title was a bit “quiet and tame” for the younger hip generation she was seeking to reach. Plus her book idea I felt was a bit too general -not specific enough to be summed up quickly in an elevator pitch. I believed that this fun and feisty title of “Add More Ing To Your Life” – along with this book’s more specifically narrow-focused message – would appeal more to her audience – and thereby to publishers. I helped Gabby write the book proposal (and re-re-write it.) After it was done, her agent still had trouble selling “Add More Ing To Your Life.” One night I wound up meeting the president of Berlitz publishing over french fries while at a local restaurant with my friend Kathlin Argiro. He invited me to pitch book ideas to a new book division he was starting: QNY. I wound up selling him “Prince Harming Syndrome.” While at a meeting with editors, I asked what other types of books they were looking for. They told me “self help for the younger generation.” I called up Gabby and said, “I think I finally found you your publisher.” I set up a meeting – insisting to the editor that she meet Gabby in person – instead of having Gabby simply send a proposal through her agent. I knew an in-person meeting would better help Gabby make an impact. Gabby went in – and pitched “Falling In Love With Your Future.” The editor passed. I told Gabby to do something a bit unconventional. Rather than wait too long to pitch again, I told her to call up the editor as soon as possible to tell her about “Add More Ing To Your Life” – while Gabby was still fresh in the editor’s mind. She did. A month later, Gabby had finally sold her first book: “Add More Ing To Your Life.” Gabby has since written about my helping her to get her first book sold – calling it a “turning point” in her career – and – referring to it as a “miracle” of sorts – because this happened in 2009 – which she describes as “a time the recession had us in a headlock” “fear and uncertainty were at an all time high” and “nearly every industry was negatively affected.”

Excited to get your book published in 2013? I’d love to help you!Find out more about my PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM! Click here now.  Again, the info is on my READ MORE area. And if you’re ready to pillage and conquer, write to me via my contact page now and I’ll get you all set up and raring to go! Click here to be whisked to my contact page! )

QUICK CASE STUDY #2- HOW I CAN HELP YOU TO CREATE A MORE POWERFUL BRAND AND MORE VIRAL SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE: Andrew Hale came to me with a problem. His website for his law firm was so jampacked with info, it didn’t clearly inform what his law firm did – which was specialize in defending police officers in some of the biggest police misconduct cases in the country. I re-designed and re-wrote his site – so this “brand differentiator” was powerfully clear. Plus I made sure it appealed to his target audience (the police) by making his site an appealing “royal police blue” and by creating a wildly popular section called “Hug A Cop.” I also created an organization he now runs – called “Whole Truth Project” – which serves in direct opposition to “The Innocence Project.” – an organization who Andy was often defending his police clients against in court. Social-media-wise, I created a wildly popular Facebook fanpage for Andy – which has quickly reached 25,000 passionate fans. I write and design posters for him weekly, which regularly get shared 1,000 to 10,000 times per poster. Plus Facebook analytics reports Andy’s FB page often reaches 750,000 to 1,500,000 people a week – due to the viral nature of my posters. Added bonus: The success of Andy’s page has not only improved his ability to attract new clients far more easily, it’s also garnered him a spot on a TV show: Crime Stoppers. CLICK HERE TO SEE ANDY’S SITE. AND… CLICK HERE TO SEE ANDY’S FACEBOOK PAGE.

If you’re excited to create a brand which vibrantly stands out from the crowd, I’d love to help you!

Click here now to learn more about my PILLAGE AND CONQUER PACKAGE! The info is on my “READ MORE” section of my Happiness Reboot page!

I’m rooting for you to live an extraordinary life – and have 2013 be your best year ever! If you have any questions about my PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM, feel free to reach out to me on the contact page of my site – by clicking here now! And if you want to give a PILLAGE AND CONQUER PROGRAM as a gift to someone who you’re rooting for, I announce the gift with a gorgeous e-card describing the exciting life-boosting opportunity which awaits them!

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Hi I’m Karen Salmansohn, founder of NotSalmon. My mission is to offer you easy-to-understand insights and tools to empower you to bloom into your happiest, highest potential self. I use playful analogies, feisty humor, and stylish graphics to distill big ideas – going as far back as ancient wisdom from Aristotle, Buddhism and Darwin to the latest research studies from Cognitive Therapy, Neuro Linquistic Programming, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Quantum Physics, Nutritional Studies – and then some.

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