Draw Out The Kindness In A Child Contest Winners

Draw Out The Kindness In A Child Contest Winners

Draw Out The Kindness In A Child Contest Winners

Draw Out The Kindness In A Child Contest Winners

Wow. I really love the artwork created by my 2 winners of my DRAW OUT THE KINDNESS IN A CHILD ART CONTEST. 

So many talented kids – all across the country – and in so many countries! So much beautiful artwork created by kids of all ages! I thank everyone who participated! You are all art stars – and Kindness Rockstars! I’m so blown away – and it was challenging to pick winners – so – I’m going to have the contest again – and this time offer the opportunity for MORE WINNERS!

Here’s a reminder of what this contest was about:


I want to help to draw out the kindness in a child – so I’m asking kids everywhere to draw what friendship means to them.

I want their pictures to illustrate a headline I’ve already written for one of my anti-bullying poster: BE THE FRIEND YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

 (You can see this poster in the anti-bullying poster section on my HAPPY KIDS PAGE!)

If you’re a teacher or a parent, I’d love for you first to encourage your kid(s) to talk with you about what it means to be a good friend. What qualities they love in their friends – and what they think their friends love about them! (And by “kid” I mean anyone from age 2 to age 18!  )

After you’ve gotten a fun and inspiring conversation going about what it means to be a good and loving friend, ask the child – or children – to draw pictures of happy friendship. The drawing can be of 2 kids together – or a group of kids. It can include the kids doing things like laughing, smiling, dancing, playing, cooking, skateboarding, holding hands, hugging, reading a book, holding an umbrella, you name it!

If the child is old enough to write with legible handwriting I’d love for them to write the headline on the picture somewhere.


But… it’s okay if the child leaves these words off of the poster. I can add these words on myself.


The first top 2 posters are created by the awesome Angelina – who is 10 years old. Here’s some cool stuff about Angelina and her art – shared by her:

“My name is Angelina. I’m 10 years old, and I love to play soccer and do Art work. I’m really good at drawing owls and birds. I have a sister, Isabella. She is 8 years old, and she likes to play dogs and cats. I love her, but we don’t get along a lot, but we are working on being really good friends. This is what I think a friend is: A person who doesn’t care what you look like and is a friend because they like who you are. Be a Good Friend.

The beautiful artwork at the bottom is created by Isabella – who is 8 years old – and the sister to Angelina. Here’s some cool stuff about Isabella and her art – shared by her…

“My name is Isabella, and I’m 8 years old and in Grade 1. I traced our hands (mommy’s, daddy’s, Angelina’s, mine) and made them one on top of the other like holding hands. I added “Helping Hands”, because true friends are kind and use hands for helping. I love to practice my reading, sing, dance, make up stories with my toys, play with my friends and family, and I talk a lot. I like to practice kindness and being mommy’s “elf”. I’m quick to help others. A good friend helps you.”

What a dynamic duo these 2 sisters are, eh?

This contest was so much fun – I’m holding the contest yet again – and this time around I will be seeking 1 top winner – and 3 runner up winners!



Here are some questions people asked for the first contest – with answers below – so you know how to get your children or classroom involved!

Is there a form that releases or authorizes the use of minor’s work?

The act of a parent or teacher sending the artwork to me is a form of authorizing permission. If you’re collecting them via a school, perhaps it’s wise to get a parent to sign off on the release.


Do you want the artwork in a digital upload or the actual work?

Digital. It just needs to be emailed to me at salmansohn followed by an ampersand then the word gmail followed by com. (Trying to confuse bots reading this – but hope I didn’t confuse anybody else reading this!) Put the words Poster Contest in subject line.


Is this a not-for-profit affair?

I’m not doing this to make any money. I’m doing this to spread the message of kindness as a core value to kids – and everyone who reads about the contest and sees the kids posters.

How do you pick the winners?

I’ll be picking winners based on creativity,  feeling of emotion inspired by the art, general talent – and also that “spark” thing – where you really feel the art work has a special spark about it.


Where will you share the winning posters?


I’ll be sharing the winners on my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

I’m also considering sharing runner up entries on Pinterest-  based upon how many awesome entries I receive.


Is there a prize?

As mentioned, I will share the artwork on all my online areas/social media networks.

I will also give out a tee-shirt from my shop to the #1 winner. (You can see my shop here!)

Is the media important? Oil, water, color, black and white?

Nope. Not important. Can be crayon, pencil, oil, water color, collage – whatever the child wants to express themselves with!

If we have any more questions, how do we contact you?


Via my contact page on my site – which you can find by clicking here now.


Karen, you are so busy all the time. Do you have any assistants on this project – in case I’m in a hurry to contact you and don’t hear back right away?


Yes I do! My “helping hands” on this Friendship project, is the awesomely child friendly, Seona Craig – Senior Friendship Officer. You can also contact her with any queries or questions about this competition by emailing her at ” seona (ampersand ) youcentre (dot) com (dot) au ” Seona is a Life Coach who works with kids and teens, so should you want some advice about having a meaningful chat to your kids and students about Friendship, she is also happy to offer advice and helping hands.

Seona and I can’t wait to see your drawings!

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