Parenting Advice: Self Care is Not Selfish Care

NOTE: This is a guest blog by the awesome Jewel Gould

Okay. I know this might sounds “selfish” to some people….but I’ve come to the realization that in order to be a great parent (and effectively take care of your kids), you have to ensure that you are taking some dedicated time to take care of yourself!

Karen Salmansohn - guest blogger

Mommies, we tend to put everyone else’s needs above our own. And we are sometimes left with feelings of tiredness, worthlessness and mental instability.

Our children need our time, love, patience and presence. They need to have us in a healthy and happy state. If we are constantly focusing on our many “mommy hats,” and not taking some time out to attend to our needs, it drains our “best mommy skills.”

So, yes, go out with your girlfriends! Laugh, share and be an individual. Ensure that you have date nights, exercise and choose healthier options.

These things are not selfish, they are essential!

We always want to ensure that we are giving our best to our kids, and that entails being of healthy mind, body and soul.

It’s okay to ditch the “mom jeans” and rock some pumps or a bold lip stick color. Getting a mani or pedi is actually a pretty great thing!

So let’s take care of ourselves  – and always remember that mommies can look and feel amazing too!

 Jewel Gould is a mommy of 3 who enjoys living, loving & laughing out loud. She is committed to uplifting others in a happy, healthy & fabulous way. Her website, What About mission is to reach moms worldwide and assist them in truly placing a greater value on their needs.  We encourage moms to place a greater emphasis on their self-esteem, health, fitness and personal style.

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