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Denise Barry is the award winning author of the children’s picture books, What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth? and Soap On A Rope. She’s currently working on a middle grade book titled Sweeney Mack and the Slurp and Burp Competition, so watch for that! She also writes a blog on her website called Raisin' Kids, for parents who want to raise kids who become adults, not adult children. Denise lives in Buffalo, New York with her husband and two kids. To learn more about her visit her website at

Sometimes You Have To Move On

I was having dinner with some friends a few months ago and I guess, without realizing it, I was singing a familiar tune.  It was a sad tune; one laced with anger, pain and loss. My friend called me on […]

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How To Set Yourself Free

One day, about 10 years ago, I miserably thought; “If I don’t do something about myself I’m going to be one of those mean old ladies who run out of their house screaming because some kid walked on her lawn.” […]

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Let Kids Be Kids

A few years ago we became members of a Country Club near our house. I resisted joining for the longest time because, quite frankly, I thought there would be a bunch of snobs there. I thought we would have to […]

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How to Prevent Teen Suicide

A young girl I know tried to commit suicide recently. Thankfully, she didn’t succeed, but it made me think about what makes a child want to commit suicide. Is it getting bullied? A bad grade? The loss of a friend? […]

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Broken Promises, Mended Promises

I remember being very young, maybe five or six, and not being able to sleep one night. I wasn’t stressed or anything, I was super excited. It was summer, and earlier that day my parents told my sisters and I […]

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When Your Baby Goes To College

When my daughter Sam went off to college for the first time I cried like a baby. I didn’t cry in front of Sam – which is good. But that was only because she was nervous/crabby when we were moving her into the […]

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Adults Throwing Temper Tantrums?

I can’t believe how often I see adults throwing temper tantrums. Something gets them upset and they huff and they puff and they blow their cool right out the window. They throw things, punch holes in the wall, slam doors, slam people, […]

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A Dark Hole, Some Creepy Crawlers and Me

On a beautiful, sunny morning one day last week, minutes after a calming, refreshing meditation, I hit rock bottom. I had been questioning things about myself recently: my writing, my motivations, myself as a friend, my authenticity… Triggered by nothing more […]

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