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Why I Said Goodbye to Coffee and Wine

It’s a funny story, actually… I’d been signing copies of my latest book, and was walking out of Politics and Prose when a book on their $2 shelf caught my eye. A bright orange and blue cover with the words […]

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Lose Weight Faster With This Small Mental Tweak

OK, so you’ve set a goal to lose a specific amount of weight. You keep dreaming about your scale hitting that goal number. Guess what? Two recent research studies each say that you shouldn’t focus too much on your goal of losing […]

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Stop Food Addictions To Sugar And Processed Foods

Below is an interview with Danielle Pashko, my personal go-to nutritionist – who is always giving me the best advice on how to stay my slimmest, healthiest and most energetic self. As you might know, I’m a recovered emotional eater – who lost […]

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Breakfast Of Weight Loss Champions

Today I’m interviewing Danielle Pashko. She is my personal go-to nutritionist – who is always giving me the best advice on how to stay my slimmest, healthiest most energetic self. The other day Danielle was talking with me about what […]

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How to Live To Over 100 (and Feel 40)

Want to live to over 100 – and feel energetic and clear in the mind? You might want to fuel up with some “plant power.” A recent Harvard study has revealed that people who eat a higher amount of plant-derived protein […]

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Happy Gut = Happy Brain

We regularly refer to our gut as an intuitive inner guide – and with good reason. Our gut actually acts as a “second brain.” It speaks to our “skull brain,” chatting back and forth via a network of neurons, chemicals […]

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Eat, Sit, Die: The Dangers of Sitting Too Much

If you were asked to name something that’s linked to heart disease, dementia and even cancer, I bet sitting down wouldn’t be at the top of your list. But lack of enough physical activity has been identified as the fourth-leading […]

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