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Yes, You Can

One of the most fundamental and impactful disservices we can do to ourselves is to allow our “I can’t” to become our default response. It’s this kind of automatic negative thinking that prevents us from knowing how we really feel about things. It limits […]

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How To Become More Fearless

A decade or so ago I learned how to windsurf.  The first thing the teacher (Bob) taught me was actually not how to windsurf! Bob first taught me how to fall down safely. Bob showed me if I must land on my face, […]

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14 Quotes To Help You Emotionally Heal From A Challenge

Need support to emotionally heal from a challenge? Here are 14 uplifting quotes to help you heal and move on. And feel free to print out and share these motivational quotes! If you’re feeling in emotional pain because of of a toxic relationship issue, you might […]

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Why You Should Stop Explaining Yourself

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? I’ve seen this quote everywhere. I’m pretty sure it has been rePinned approximately one jillion times. It’s designed to shake you loose from the rigid confines of your own […]

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I Am My Own Worst Bully

I was scrolling through Facebook at the end of a long day when I saw the pictures. Someone in a private group I belong to for parents from our local Girl Scouts troop uploaded an album entitled “Pics From Our […]

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20 Quotes Of Wise Words To Live A Happy Life

Feel unhappy or worried about the future? Here are 20 quotes Of Wise Words to inspire you to live a happy life! If you’re feeling unhappy due to a challenging love situation, click here for helpful tools. If your anxiety is […]

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How To Trick Yourself Into Getting Stuff Done

I don’t like to be bossed by anyone, not even myself, which is problematic when you are trying to set personal goals. I also hate failing, which makes the whole goal-setting experience very stressful and paralyzing. Every once in a […]

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8 Steps To Unblock What’s Holding You Back From Joy

Are you experiencing repeated problems and disappointments in either love or career or friendships or health – or a combo of a few of these? If so, you’re experiencing “programmed destructive beliefs” – via your subconscious mind. Why do you have […]

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